Sunday, October 31, 2010

How a Guide about Pocket Frogs Boosted My Web Traffic

Last September 16, 2010, I posted here on my IphoneDevPinoy blog a strategy guide for the freemium iPhone game Pocket Frogs. I had an inkling back then that the cute frog breeding and trading game will be an unqualified hit and many iPhone gamers will definitely go looking for some strategies, tips and tricks about Pocket Frogs. True enough, it didn't take long before the said post generated around 1000+ page views everyday and this resulted to the Pocket Frogs guide on becoming the the number 1 search result when you search for the term "Pocket Frogs Guide" on Google.

As you can see from my blog stats below, my pageviews have dramatically increased from September, when I first published the Pocket Frogs guide, up to the present month of October.


  1. Those little frogs are really popular - Nimblebits managed the perfect combination of elements! And your guide was so useful in the early going of the game - thank you!