Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frog Racing is now in the latest update of Pocket Frogs v1.06

What's New in Version 1.0.6

Off to the races!
- Frog Racing! Enter your frogs into races that win you coins or even other frogs!
- Share your favorite froggies on Facebook, twitter, email, and more!
- Potions are now used one at a time letting you choose how many to use!
- Max value, Speed, and Stamina are now shown in the Froggydex
- Swipe left or right to move between habitats
- Fixed a bug that would show declined promo offers
- Expanded help text

Touch Arcade writes: Frogs will have speed and stamina stats that will affect race performance, and winning a race results in a coin prize or a free frog. Happiness also comes in to play, and if you're lucky, your frog will even come across some dragonflies to munch on during the race which will provide a small boost.


  1. when is this update supposed to hit the app store?

  2. The update is out

  3. The new update is now available

  4. Is anyone else having problems getting the weekly set challenges on their machines? Every time I touch the icon, Pocket Frogs turns off and I end up back on the home screen. I'm afraid to delete the program off my machine because I don't know if that will erase my progress and frogs. :(