Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kingdom Conquest Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks and FAQs

Kingdom Conquest [AppStore] is a free-to-play MMO built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts players in the shoes of an adventurer aspiring to become the new king of Magna, the land of monsters. Chaos has spread like wildfire following the disappearance of the former ruler, El Dor, and his empty throne lies open for the taking . . .


That’s the premise behind this unique game — manage your city, crawl through dungeons, and build alliances with friends as you build your army into an empire. The game is a free download and free to play, and while you will be able to microtransact a wide variety of options to strengthen your armies, anyone can get involved and see what the game has to offer without spending a dime.

What the game has to offer is quite a bit, and there’s a lot of depth behind the game’s different modes. The game’s tutorial guides you nicely through the complex systems and teaches you how to build up your city and develop an army, and this is combined with classic dungeon crawling sensibilities. Dungeons in the game are filled with what dungeons everywhere are filled with — loot & monsters — and these in turn can be used to not just strengthen your character for higher-level dungeon crawling, but to help strengthen your city and your alliance.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Do the quests. They teach you about the game and give you good rewards.

Tip #2: The further away from the base you are, the less effective your monsters are.

Tip #3: To create monsters, click on Units. Then you'll see the bottom row that's probably empty for you. Add a deck of monsters to the empty one and click on the decks you just added. On the deck you will see "produce" on there. Touch it and select how many monster you want. 

Tip #4: To unlock rear unit slot and other labs, check the in-game FAQ. Under the Lists category you can find the build tree that shows you what's required for advancement.

Game Review

According to one gamer:
This has got to be the most complicated farmville-ish game I've ever seen in my life.

There's two layers of building, you have your town, which is a large ~15x15 grid, with 4 kinds of resources distributed randomly, upon which there's dozens of structures you can build, to gather those resources, and build an army.

All the structures can be leveled up, and there's a ton of units you can purchase to create your army. Units are grouped by cards, of which you can recruit in numbers, so if your timber wolf card has 75 wolves, you can purchase 100s more to increase it's strength.

You can combine your creatures in to armies containing up to 4 cards. The cards level up, and you have to increase stats with points you get from the leveling.

The points you get from the dungeons can be used to purchase additional cards at random, of which there are common, uncommon, rare, and super rare cards. You get 1 card for 100 crystals, and there are different "decks" to choose to buy cards from.

The cards aren't all creatures, there's also equipment. On top of all that, you can sorta forge/create custom creatures and equipment.

Then there's the second layer of the map, the world screen, and holy crap. This is like another crazy thing, where you have to expand your influence by taking over the neutral lands bordering your castle. You need to send your armies to battle the lands, and if they win, you can control. Different armies travel at different speeds, so you have to take that in to consideration too.

Now, ready for it to get really complicated? Cause I'm not even through the training yet at this point (tutorial is a cake walk compared to the real game's training), and I'm scared to think of what is going to come next. There's a significant number of buttons I haven't even used including diplomacy.

Now as you control neutral territories, you eventually can take over citadels/towers, and those contain additional dungeons for you to challenge your hero of which there are three different ones to pick at the start (tank/warrior/mage). You can solo or play with 3 other people when doing dungeons. I tried soloing, and it seems the combat is pretty basic, but a little deep.

Using your shield to block attacks you actually need to face the proper direction to reduce the most damage it seems, and getting hit in the back results in extra damage.

This could possibly be the most complicated game I've ever seen on the iPhone, it's a weird mix of a Civ/CCG/WoW/farming/dungeon raiding, really, really weird mix.

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