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Tiny Tower FAQs, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Posted below are some Tiny Tower tips and tricks I've collected all over the interwebs to guide you in building floors, stocking stores and operating elevators in Tiny Tower.

What if tiny digital people could live inside your phone? 

They would need a place to live and work...

Something like a tiny tower building underneath the glass!

Tiny Tower is the latest freemium game from Nimblebit (of Pocket Frogs fame) that lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!

★Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live and work inside.
★Special events and VIP visitors will earn you special perks as you build your tower towards the clouds.

★Customize the look and placement of each floor and the bitizens that live in them, and upgrade your elevator.
★Game Center integration to let you see your friends towers, back up your game and earn awards.
★See what is on your bitizens' minds by peeking at the "BitBook" virtual social network for your tower!

Bitizen costumes are coming soon! Woot woot!
How To Play The Game

You build your 1st residential floor and your 1st production floor, move in your first bitizen and give them a job. You earn coins by having your bitizens get to work and creating items to sell. You spend those coins on building more floors and eventually your tower will be sky high.

Godzilla not included

Tiny Tower Google Docs Spreadsheet (Business Type, Business Name, Stock Item, Amount, Restock Time)

{source: sooz of toucharcade forums}

Tips and Tricks

#1 The fastest way to get coins is to grind until you get 50 tower bux, then buy the 100k coin package. With around 1 hour of gaming time, it is possible to get 30+ tower bux and 6 floors.

#2  Bitizens will never move out on their own. Employee skill levels affect how big of a discount you get on restocking products.

#3  The more bitizens working at the businesses, the more products you can sell at once and the more money you earn.

#4 Always fully staff a business before moving to the next one. Always have ample residential floors.

#5 You get tower bux for doing various tasks during the game which can fast forward any stock/build time you have.

#6 Match the jobs you assign to Bitizens to their job-skill ratings. Don't shy away from evicting Bitizens whose skills don't fit into the vacant floors you have.

#7 For an initial boost, save up 50 cash and trade it for 100,000 gold. Instead of spending cash to speed things up initially, sacrifice your first day's gameplay by waiting for constructions and restockings to complete by themselves, while transporting Bitizens on elevators manually to hoard up your bux.

#8 To help with the above... get into a habit of saving cash! Bored of transporting Bitizens up and down the elevator? Multi-task out into a game of NBA Jam, lap of Real Racing 2 or match of First Touch Soccer and come back while your floors are being built or items are being restocked.

#9 Make sure all of your shops' three employment-slots are filled with skilled workers. Keep your floors fully stocked with items before logging off or taking a break, letting you sell maximum stock while away. If you're 15-20 stock away from hitting empty on a Level 2 or 3 item, consider spending Cash to restock it fast before logging off.

#10 Plan your next move. You will usually have more unemployed Bitizens in your hotel than working ones initially, since only 3-slots exist per store. Decide which shop you want to open next and invite only Bitizens with that particular skill-set to stay at your tower while you save up gold for the next floor.

#11 Stock all three items on any shop to get a small coin bonus. There are NO ALERTS as to when an item goes out of stock; so keep your eyes peeled!

#12 You can give each Bitizen a makeover for 1 coin per change. Beware, this is not mentioned explicitly in-game!

#13 Change the theme of each room by tapping on it, and then hitting paint! You start off with 100 Paint-credits which can be used to renovate any room in your tower. When you run out, buy another 100 Paint-credits for 1 "Bux"!

#14 It's easier organize and henceforth, manage your rooms, restaurants and other themed-floors if they are stacked together. Tap on the room you want to shift, and hit move! This costs 1 "Bux" every time you move any floor.

#15 When doing the "find a Bitizen" mini-missions, you don't need to find his exact position (a-la Where's Waldo) - just tap anywhere on the floor he or she is on! 

#16 It's really important to dump low skill tenants and try to keep the brightest. They will make your life much easier.

#17 You only need a store to be staffed while you're producing an item. So while a level three item requires three staff members at the store to produce, once the item is produced you can move them to a different store and the item will remain at the store, and continue to be sold. I imagine you need to leave at least one bitizen at the store to keep it open.

So you can shuffle level 8/9 employees around. It's super helpful while you're waiting for newly built apartments to fill up, and awesome when combined with certain stores that have HUGE inventory counts, like the soda brewery (stocks 1500 level 3 items).

#18  Dream jobs double the capacities of stocks. Have 1 person at their dream job doubles capacity of the 1 coin items, 2 dream jobs for 2 coin items and 3 dream jobs for the 3 coin items. Employing someone at their dream job also rewards 1 bux.

This is far more important than skill points, which only offer discounts on restocks.

#19 If you don't balance your stores, the demand will go down for the type of stores you have a lot of.

{tips #6 to #15 by KiddToKmart of toucharcade forums}

{tip #18 by XaqNautilus}


Brown shirt: Deliveryman (Removes 3hrs worth of restocking time)
Yellow hardhat: Construction worker (Removes 3hrs worth of construction of new floors)
Green shirt w/ Glasses: Big Spender (Buys out item from floor)
Pink shirt w/ Glasses?: (Increases number of customers)

List of Shops (ordered in ascending order of the 3rd/2nd/1st items' restocking times (listed in minutes))

Coffee House,5,10,20
Sub Shop,10,15,20
Sushi Bar,2,8,25
Mexican Food,1,10,30
Smoothie Shop,4,15,30
Frozen Yogurt,5,15,30
Sky Burger,10,15,30
Vegan Food,10,25,35
Tea House,5,25,40
Asian Cuisine,10,25,45
Pizza Place,5,30,45
Fancy Cuisine,10,30,50

Barber Shop,5,10,30
Health Club,30,45,120
Travel Agency,15,60,120
Day Spa,45,60,120
Fortune Teller,30,45,160
Dentists Office,60,120,180
Ship & Print,15,30,200
Wedding Chapel,30,120,360
Tutoring Center,120,180,360
Martial Arts,240,480,700
Doctors Office,60,180,1000
Private eye,180,500,1000

Comedy Club,5,8,25
Video Rental,4,15,30
Night Club,5,10,45
Mini Golf,30,60,120
Paintball Arena,45,120,245
Bowling Alley,5,30,300
Volleyball Club,30,60,300
Cyber Cafe,15,30,400

Toy Store,6,15,30
Plant Nursery,13,38,55
Book Store,15,25,60
Shoe Store,20,30,60
Hat Shop,15,45,60
Bike Shop,20,30,80
Furniture Store,20,60,80
Music Store,10,45,110
Record Shop,25,50,150
Game Store,20,40,160
Fabric Shop,10,45,160
Comic Store,15,60,180
Mens Fashion,15,35,200
Womens Fashion,15,35,200
Tech Store,30,60,230
Mapple Store,30,120,300

Photo Studio,15,30,60
Soda Brewery,20,40,100
Cake Studio,45,75,200
Pottery Studio,60,80,220
Graphic Design,60,100,300
Glass Studio,60,120,300
Tattoo Parlor,45,160,300
Ad Agency,45,140,330
Wood Shop,60,160,330
Art Studio,100,200,400
Software Studio,60,200,500
Fashion Studio,60,300,500
Recording Studio,45,400,600
Game Studio,60,200,700
Film Studio,120,200,700
Architect Office,120,320,800

List of Floors (Residential/Food/Creative/Retail/Service and their respective products)
Number Name Type Product A Product B Product C
1 Construction Construction
2 Tattoo Parlor Creative Butterfly Demon Skull Fancy Parrot
3 Software Studio Creative Calendar App Anti-Virus App Bank Software
4 Pottery Studio Creative Simple Bowl Pretty Plate Detailed Vase
5 Glass Studio Creative Green Tumbler Orange Vase Aqua Bottle
6 Art Studio Creative Small Portrait Still Life Landscape
7 Photo Studio Creative Pet Portrait Single Portrait Family Portrait
8 Fashion Studio Creative Wrap Design Blouse Design Outfit Design
9 Recording Studio Creative Jingle Recording Single Recording Album Recording
10 Wood Shop Creative Chair Rocking Horse Bookcase
11 Architect Office Creative Room Addition House Design Tower Design
12 Graphic Design Creative Album Cover Band Poster Web Site
13 Film Studio Creative Food Commercial TV Episode Movie Shoot
14 Ad Agency Creative Print Ad Billboard Ad TV Ad
15 Game Studio Creative Match 3 Game City Sim MMORPG
16 Cake Studio Creative Single Layer Double Layer Triple Layer
17 Soda Brewery Creative Cherry Soda Cola 6 Pack Soda Keg
18 Empty Floor Empty
19 Sushi Bar Food California Roll Tuna Sushi8 Sea Urchin
20 Mexican Food Food Chips & Salsa Tacos Shrimp Platter
21 Tea House Food Green Tea Dumplings Pork Katsu
22 Vegan Food Food Beet Salad Roasted Potatoes Soy burger
23 Frozen Yogurt Food Mini Chocolate Medium Vanilla Jumbo Swirl
24 Smoothie Shop Food Wheatgrass Small Smoothie Jumbo Juice
25 Sub Shop Food 6 inch Sub 9 inch Sub 12 inch Sub
26 Coffee House Food Espresso Tall Latte Frappe
27 Sky Burger Food Fries Nuggets Big Burger
28 Asian Cuisine Food Spring Rolls Noodle Bowl Orange Tofu
29 Diner Food Cup of Joe Bacon & Eggs Soup & Sandwich
30 Pub Food Bar Nuts Root Beer Hot Wings
31 Pizza Place Food Pizza Slice Personal Pan Giant Pizza
32 Scoops Food Ice Cream Bar Triple Scoop Ice Cream Cake
33 Bakery Food Sugar Cookies Walnut Muffins Bread Loaf
34 Fancy Cuisine Food Sparkling Juice Caviar Roast Duck
35 Arcade Recreation 1 Play Extra Life High Score
36 Video Rental Recreation Movie Rental New Release Console Rental
37 Museum Recreation Admission Audio Tour Charity Event
38 Aquarium Recreation Admission Fish Toy Annual Pass
39 Cineplex Recreation Popcorn Matinee 3D Movie
40 Theater Recreation Interpretive Dance Comedy Tragedy
41 Planetarium Recreation Planet Tour Solar Tour Laser Show
42 Mini Golf Recreation 1 Player Round 2 Player Round 3 Player Round
43 Volleyball Club Recreation Practice Friendly Game Tournament
44 Racquetball Recreation Practice Friendly Game Tournament
45 Bowling Alley Recreation Shoe Rental Single Game Tournament
46 Cyber Cafe Recreation Web Browsing Computer Games Game Tourney
47 Paintball Arena Recreation 1 Paintballs 5 Paintballs  Paintballs
48 Night Club Recreation Cover Charge Cocktail VIP Ticket
49 Casino Recreation Nickel Slots Dollar Slots45 Poker Game
50 Comedy Club Recreation LOL’s LMAO’s8 ROFL’s
51 Plainlake Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
52 Sweetside Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
53 Tuscana Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
54 Lotus Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
55 Moderna Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
56 Chateau Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
57 50′s Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
58 Santa Fe Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
59 Gothic Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
60 Art Deco Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
61 Rustic Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
62 Eclectic Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
63 Broadleaf Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
64 Safari Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
65 70′s Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
66 Loft Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
67 High Tech Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
68 Garden Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
69 Baycrest Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
70 Mismatch Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
71 Nerd Cave Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
72 Zen Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
73 Beach Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
74 Club Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
75 Hacienda Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
76 Greek Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
77 Storage Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
78 Brightpoint Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
79 Cottage Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
80 Greenwood Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
81 Aquatic Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
82 Stonecrest Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
83 Bridgeview Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
84 Fawlty Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
85 Estate Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
86 Pinehurst Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
87 HiFi Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
88 Birchside Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
89 Westgrove Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
90 Plumbrook Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
91 Glendale Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
92 Ridgemill Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
93 Goldcreek Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
94 Silverwell Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
95 Mesa Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
96 Dover Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
97 Mistmont Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
98 Devonshire Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
99 Mapleton Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
100 Ivymoss Apts. Residential 2nd Bedroom 3rd Bedroom 3 Bed
101 Toy Store Retail Toy Blocks Rocket Ship Toy Soldiers
102 Mapple Store Retail MyPod MyPhone MyBook
103 Book Store Retail Paperback Hardback Boxed Set
104 Shoe Store Retail Sandals Sneakers Dress Shoes
105 Hat Shop Retail Trucker Hat Cowboy Hat Top Hat
106 Record Shop Retail Single Album Discography
107 Music Store Retail Sheet Music Trumpet Electric Guitar
108 Bike Shop Retail Bike Shirt Bike Wheel Mountain Bike
109 Comic Store Retail Mage Cards BattleClub Figure Atom Man No 1
110 Furniture Store Retail Fake Plant End Table Modern Chair
111 Plant Nursery Retail Small Cactus Hanging Plant Fertilizer
112 Fabric Shop Retail Thread Spool Quilt Square Bolts of Fabric
113 Mens Fashion Retail Tie Dress Belt 3 Piece Suit
114 Womens Fashion Retail Cute Hat Purse Nice Outfit
115 Tech Store Retail Camera Laptop Flat Screen TV
116 Game Store Retail Used Game Controller Game System
117 Barber Shop Service Shave Haircut Perm
118 Day Spa Service Pedicure Facial Stone Massage
119 Dentists Office Service Cleaning Teeth Whitening Gold Crown
120 Doctors Office Service Check Up Prescription Lab Test
121 Fortune Teller Service Palm Reading Tarot Reading Séance
122 Optometrist Service Eye Glasses Contact Lenses Laser Treatment
123 Health Club Service Weight Workout Ball Workout Cardio Workout 
124 Martial Arts Service White Belt Red Belt Black Belt
125 Wedding Chapel Service Quick Hitch Full Ceremony Themed Ceremony
126 Laundromat Service Sock Fluff Delicate Cycle Denim Dry
127 Private eye Service Background Check Surveillance5 Murder Mystery
128 Tutoring Center Service Addition Help Grammar Help Trig Help
129 Travel Agency Service Car Reservation Flight Booking Cruise Booking
130 Ship & Print Service Photocopies Shipment Sales Report
131 Pharmacy Service Cold Medicine Flu Shot Rx Refill
132 Bank Service Check Deposit New Account Loan Application

5 new businesses: BBQ Place, Auto Dealer, Floral Studio, Rock Climbing, Recycling.


  1. You forgot one thing under the VIPs section. There is a person in a pink outfit with big glasses on and (if I'm not mistaken) white earrings. She temporarily increases the number of customers on the floor you bring her to. Another thing I'd mention is that once you tap on the VIP you cant check your stock on different floors, so before you do check each store's stock.

  2. Thanks Zoe! Will update the VIPs section to include the Pink lady with big glasses :)

    1. That's the celebrity. - Isn't there also a real estate agent?

  3. Thanks for that. What exactly is the meaning of the numbers for individual bitizens? Couldn't figure that out fo far.

  4. Do you have a idea of the sales/profit made for each shop?

  5. Dream jobs double the capacities of stocks. Have 1 person at their dream job doubles capacity of the 1 coin items, 2 dream jobs for 2 coin items and 3 dream jobs for the 3 coin items. Employing someone at their dream job also rewards 3 bux.

    This is FAR more important than skill points, which only offer discounts on restocks.

  6. Thanks XaqNautilus! I'll include your tips in my post above, if you don't mind :)

  7. Hi Alexander, the numbers for bitizens indicate their skill level for each of the five categories of production floor i.e. Food, Service, Recreation, Retail and Creative.

  8. Hi Dean, I'll be posting soon the sales/profit made for each shop. Stay tuned! :)

  9. I find that the shops w/ products which take longer to restock are the rarer ones, have been building creative shops on 5 floors for days to try and get the architect office but no luck :(, keep getting Photo Studio,15,30,60
    Soda Brewery,20,40,100
    Cake Studio,45,75,200
    Pottery Studio,60,80,220
    Graphic Design,60,100,300
    Glass Studio,60,120,300
    Tattoo Parlor,45,160,300
    Ad Agency,45,140,330

  10. Do the number it stocks (minus any dream job alterations) coincide with the times to restock? I can't see how much of something I have while something is restocking to know where to send "big spender" (VIP) so I want to make a guesstimate. If you know, could there be a spreadsheet on that as well, please?

  11. Hi Jeannie you can check out this Google Docs spreadsheet:

  12. #5 is wrong

    The Construction Worker VIP takes 3 hours off.

  13. You're right Dani! Updating tip #5 to reflect this. Thanks!

  14. Can you explain this in #7:
    while transporting Bitizens on elevators manually to hoard up your bux.

    Upgrading the elevator to maximum seems to only speed it up and not switch it to "automatic" transport. Transporters might be in the next update. 8-) I would gladly pay $5 for a 10-floor jump button.

  15. I think #17 is somewhat misleading. If you generate a level 3 product from a floor, then remove a third worker and leave the position open, after the stock is gone the product isn't available to stock anymore until you add another employee.

  16. Is there any way to change the type of a floor after it has been built or while it is building? Thanks

  17. Not while but after you could delete but I wouldn't.
    It wastes time and money and you might get whatever back again.
    I've been leaving the Pub unstaffed and closed until the karaoke upgrade. 8-)

  18. You could suggest a rewording of #17.
    Staff are only required for restocking not sales so I'm sure you could redeploy everyone when the floor is fully stocked and only bring them back when restocking is required.
    Verified: Still had sales at the Pub with no staff.

    I personally would avoid the constant redeployment since I like locating bitizens for bux quickly.
    (I currently have 2 of my 80 bitizens with the same name but luckily they have the same dream job.)

    Also redeploying someone at their dream job doesn't get you another 3 bux.

  19. Oops both bitizens got renamed after the upgrade.
    Achievements working now too. Woo hoo!!

  20. how do you upgrade or get the right shop? eg now i keep getting pizza shop when i really want a pub? is there any way to control or isit random building a new food floor?

  21. I found a trick for when you need to find someone:
    For each floor, set a dress code, eg. Everyone working at my Diner wears a bandana. This allows you to easily determine which floor too look for. (I only do this for dream job employees, to save time.)

  22. Melvin, I think there's no way to explicitly pick the right shop as it's completely random when creating any type of floor.

  23. I have two tips.

    1. Evict unemployed bitizens...

    ... Especially from completely occupied apartments so new bitizens can move in. If their dream job isn't in your tower, you don't want them (except perhaps to fill jobs temporarily on a new floor or if the floor under construction is the same business type as their dream job). When a new bitizen moves in, check their dream job/stats. If their stats are better than a current employee, or better yet, if the bitizens dream job is a match, evict the waste of space, and hire your new tenant. If none of the jobs fit, you must evict.

    Oftentimes, you will have deliveries that are in the way of placing a new tenant in their dream job. You could wait, but most of the time, it is worth it to pay the bux to hurry up the restocking. Remember that placing someone in their dream job is worth 3 bux. So even if express delivery is going to cost 3 bux, it is a push. Actually, it is better than a push because you now have that product in stock and a lot of them if delivery was taking that long.

    For smaller towers, it won't take too long for bitizens to move in on their own. However, for larger towers, you might want to get more aggressive and start spending bux to move bitizens in manually. Since you get 3 bux for every placement in a dream job, you only need to average one such placement for every 3 manually moved in. Granted, you are unlikely to average that until you have more than 5 different businesses for each business type and you have more than 40 floors in your tower (if I did my math correctly), but you are investing in your future. It's okay if you lose a few bux in the process. I also failed to factor in having to pay for hurried deliveries. To combat some of this, I save up, and do tons at a time. The advantage is that stores will become fully stocked, making it a nonissue. It is also good to plan to do this before you are finished for the night so all of those products can be delivered while you sleep.

    Eventually, most if not all of your bitizens will be in their dream jobs (I currently have 58 of 60 smiley faces), and you will move in tenants whose dream job is already taken by 3 please employees. Don't be too hasty when applying your boot to their rear-end. They are still worth 3 bux. Temporarily unemployed someone, place the new bitizen in the job, collect your pay, kick them out, and rehire the former job holder.

    When you evict everyone who is unemployed, it makes it much easier to deal with a bitizen that has just moved in. Although there are only 5 spots in an apartment to look over when someone has just moved in, the order is seemingly random rather than the newest being at the top or the bottom. It is easiest to be able to look for the only "UNEMPLOYED" roommate. That is a minor inconvenience, but what is much worse is having to scroll through all of your bitizens when you are trying to put someone to work. If only one person is unemployed at a time (2 when you are doing the temporary shuffle) you just look for the single sad face in the bunch.

  24. 2. Taking huge advantage of the big buyer VIP

    In general, the fastest way to get a lot of coinage is to exchange 50 bux at the bank for 100,000 coins. 2000 coins per 1 bux isn't too bad of a deal, but it can be a grind to save up that many bux. It would be nice to get a similar exchange rate without buying in such bulk.

    Find a store with a third tier product that delivers in a multiple of an hour. Work hard to hire all dream jobbers (see my previous tip). Order the third tier product, and only the third tier product. I know, I know, it's crazy... Bare with me. Now, get to work on that elevator. Have you upgraded your elevator? Did you know you could upgrade the elevator? Check it out in the menu. It is expensive to do but ultimately worth it.

    All right, so you are working the elevator looking for the big buyer VIP to show up. You need to determine the type of VIP before you commit to giving them a ride. To do this, when a VIP shows up, you can tap the VIP button on the left to autoscroll to the bottom or do it manually. However, don't tap the VIP button on the right or the VIP themselves as that is what commits you to delivering them to a floor. The celebrity and the big buyer can be hard to differentiate because they both wear glasses, but the celebrity is more feminine with earrings, and the big buyer looks more like Bill Gates. If it is the big buyer, scroll up to the store in question, and hurry the delivery. Scroll back down to the big buyer, and take him to the store.

    Right now, it might not seem as though I am suggesting anything that special, but let me explain and do some number crunching. The reason I didn't use a conditional when discussing hurried delivery is that if it is already delivered, you aren't working the elevator hard enough (it's okay, you'll do better). Regardless, you can still make a fair amount of money if the stock is near full. I only ordered the third tier product so that VIP doesn't have a choice. You could stock the others, but then you'd have to quick sell them or gamble. I suggested using a store that delivers on a multiple of an hour because partial hours add a whole bux to an express delivery. Almost all remainders of delivery times that are not multiples of hours are 20 minutes or more. You will often find a big buyer in less than 20 minutes. This is not to say that 1 bux is going to make the deal bad, but it's all about diminished returns. You need 3 dream workers so that the quantity in the order is doubled.

    Okay, on to the numbers. I have been using the Racquetball Club where the third tier product is a tournament that has a count of 4500 and is delivered in 5 hours. Since I have 3 dream jobbers, the count doubles to 9000. Assuming that the big buyer shows up shortly after I make my order, I will have to spend 5 bux to rush delivery. Each unit costs 3 coins so the whole stock is worth 27,000 coins, and the big buyer has to pay that. 27,000 is significantly less than 100,000, but the important thing to consider is the amount per bux. One division later, and we get 5400 coins per 1 bux. That is a heck of a lot better than the bank, and I only had to use 5 bux vs 50 bux at the bank.

    The 5400 to 1 exchange rate holds true for all deliveries taking multiples of an hour. What varies is how much bang you get for each big buyer. I was lucky to get the Racquetball Club.

  25. Extra Mini Tip:

    This a way to help you make bux while you are not actively playing, but you are waiting for notifications. Instead of putting your device to sleep, leave the game on the screen running. Every few minutes, glance over to see if a find-the-bitizen task has popped up, complete it, collect your bux, go back to whatever else you were doing, and repeat. I have my device set to sleep after 5 minutes, and it seems that most of the time I will see the task pop up before it sleeps. If you miss one that pops up before the device sleeps it will still be there when you wake it up. Also, I just noticed that that particular pop up doesn't make any noise so there is no advantage to keeping the sound on if you only want to watch out for those tasks. By the way, I like the music, but it can get repetitive. I wish I could turn the music and the coin sound effect off separate from the other sounds.

    I hope at least one person finds something here helpful. Enjoy.

  26. i just finished the construction of a floor, and the shop wont come up it says that there is no construction time left, but it simply stays as a construction floor, what can i do???

  27. GREAT GREAT GREAT .... solved a lot of problems for me :D you're the best (Y)

    and btw, any stocked floor doesnt need any employee to run, it will sell nonetheless.
    you only need employees there to stock items

  28. @carbonizer....
    about ur tip#2
    that was the biggest nerd stuff i've ever seen! O.O

  29. When you click on the floor, on the bottom left corner there's a yellow button that says delete. Does that delete the whole floor or just the type of floor it is. Like if I can change from a coffee shop to a Mexican restaurant.

  30. Carbonizer's tip about aggressively evicting and inviting tenants to get people whose dream job matches your tower is great. I have rapidly gone from a 8/40 ratio of dream jobs to tenants and now have 30/40. I am having an impossible job finding people to staff my pub, but expect to find them eventually. The 10 non-dream tenants are all in the recreation field, and I am one lower on Rec than the other floors, so I plan to build two Rec floors next, and hopefully will hit on a few of those 10 tenants. The rest will be evicted.

    As for tips, there is no penalty for wrong answers on the tenant search mini-game, so don't be afraid to tap if you can't fully see the people because they are hiding.

    You get 2 coins per floor for each floor you take a passenger on an elevator trip, so if you get a VIP you can't use, might as well take them to the top.

    For the celebrity VIP, I don't think there is a benefit to take them to a high stock floor as the items still cost 1/2/3 coins, so I would suggest taking the celebrity to a low inventory floor that you can refill quickly. Save the high inventory floors for use with the big spender VIP.

  31. Apparently, some of us may not survive long in
    Tiny Tower 2: Revenge of the Evicted. 8-)

  32. When I delete a floor and rebuild the same category I always get the same type,.. Any Same expieriences? would it help to move the empty floor first?

  33. > You get 2 coins per floor for each
    > floor you take a passenger on an
    > elevator trip, so if you get a VIP
    > you can't use, might as well take them
    > to the top.

    I've never seen a VIP get the floor bonus.

  34. Ah, you're right, Dani. Just checked and there are no coins for the VIP.

    For the Celebrity VIP, she generates sales of 50 items on each trip, so the maximum you can get is 150 coins if she goes to a floor with only the 3-coin items in stock. Not a huge windfall.

    dLR, I deleted a Pub, rebuilt it at the same location and got a Mexican Restaurant. Maybe you just had bad luck.

  35. How can you get people to move into the apartments without buying the tenants?

  36. @pie
    When using the elevator bitizens will ask to be brought to a floor, if that floor is a residential floor, that has open apartments, the person will move in.

  37. Evicting / economically getting the right tenants

    So I started adopting the strategy suggested by @carbonizer above; selecting bitizens on their dream job matching what my tower could offer. This was at a stage when I had about 2 floors per category, which means that you have to be pretty lucky to find the right candidate. As suggested, I was spending towerbux to speed up the process of getting new tenants, but it turned out to be very ineffective. I spent 20 towerbux for finding maybe 1 match. Since I also wanted to save for elevator upgrades I decided this was not going to work. But the alternative, waiting patiently for bitizens to stop at my vacant residential floor in order to move in, was taking forever.
    I came up with the following solution which works really well:
    - evict non-dream job bitizens such that you have no more than 4 bitizens per residential floor
    - now each residential floor becomes a potential for finding new dream job candidates
    - if a new bitizen arrives on a residential floor with max 3 bitizens, you can keep it if you need its skills temporarily (disregard dream job)
    - if a new bitizen arrives on a residential floor with 4 bitizens, ONLY keep it if it has a matching dream job, otherwise evict immediately
    - if a residential floor reaches 5 bitizens, evict 1 of the temps that doesn't have its dreamjob yet, so that your floor has always 1 vacancy until you have 5 dreamjob residents.
    - by maintaining this strategy, you drastically increase the chances of having new bitizens moving in spontaneously (for free), even with large towers, compared to having only one new residential floor fully vacant.
    - optionally you can move all residential floors to the bottom. By doing this, every elevator job gives you either a new resident or else still a decently high elevator
    - my tower has 19 floors, the bottom 7 are residential with 4 bitizens each. So each elevator job has a 7/19 chance of giving me a new resident for free that I can test for its dreamjob. I have 28 bitizens with 19 dreamjobs, still improving steadily and meanwhile saving for the elevator upgrades.

  38. VIP "Big Spender" is a male with a tie
    VIP "Celebrity" is female (no tie)

  39. p.s. who in the hell has their dream job at a laundromat?? ohhhh yea Hugh Watkins lmfao!!!!!

  40. Seems that the bonus for fully stocking a floor is 4-5% of the current stock on that floor OR a tower buck. I am not positive on the frequency of the tower buck, but it seems to be a pretty good percentage of the time (say 20-35%). Regularly stocking the cheapest/fastest item (like chips in the Mexican restaurant) isn't a bad way to earn tower bux if the 2/3-coin items are fully stocked. Honestly, I need this incentive as the profit margins aren't enough otherwise to justify fully stocking those floors.

    Oh, evil tip if you really want to finish a build is to reset your system clock a few days in the future. Of course, if you start a build or stock in the future and set the cloak back to the current time without finishing the build or stock, the time to completion will be really long as it wont complete until that time addedonto the future time, but this can be a useful tip if used sparingly and if you don't have problems with doing what is obviously cheating.

  41. > p.s. who in the hell has their dream job at a laundromat??

    All those laundry sniffers in the commercials. 8-)

    I want to know why the same poster is at the Cineplex and the Video Rental. Shut down those bootleggers now.

    I really like the Hang in There calendar at the Software Studio.

  42. Hey ... there is a new update... added 5 more business... please update the business list.

  43. > #18 ... Employing someone at their dream job also rewards 3 bux.

    Only 1 after the update.

  44. New VIP
    Real Estate Agent
    moves a bitizen into an empty residential space

  45. Only 1 t-box now / dream job... Damn. And what are the odds pf having a private eye built?!? Been rebuilding blue for 2 days...

  46. The one buck for dream jobs is painful.

    However, there are some great things:
    Being able to rename the businesses is cool. If you change all the names to something memorable (such as Asian Cusine becomes Noodles Etc.) Irishmen easier to recognize that a new tenant has a dream job of a business you already have.
    Oh, to help with locating people, you can name the business after a level-9 dream employee, such as Mel's Cakes.
    The various sort options for the lists of peoples very convenient.
    You no longer need to clear dialogue boxes to spend coins to restock or to acknowledge earning coins for things like the restocking bonus. Makes play much quicker.

  47. You also lose the bonus for fully stocking a floor. Thanks so much for the Google spreadsheet. Have all my businesses organized by time needed to restock--lowest at the bottom, highest at the top, residential above that. So much easier!!

  48. hello, wonderful tiny tower players :-)

    i have a little problem with floors and bitizens, which is the variety of dream jobs and therefore floors being built, which is very poor.

    everyone is superhappy with their dreamjobs and the floors just double (which means i get same kind of floors all the time), while i want some new stuff to build. like sushi bar instead of yet another bbq place.

    any advice, if anyone went thru a similar situation n found it as troubling as i do?

    thanks in advance :-)

  49. Jeannie,
    The bonus for fully stocking is still there, you just don't have a box that pops up unless you get bux. It is about 4-5% of the number of stocked items.

    That sounds awful. I haven't had any duplicate floors at all, and I am at 60+. Have you upgraded to the new version and it is still happening?

  50. @Marci,

    yeah, got the update yesterday and it's pretty much the same. looks like i'm stuck with bbq, recycling, flowers, rock climbing and auto dealers for a long time :-(

    i mean, the game goes great, i get a lot of income and all that, but it's getting lame after a certain amount of copyfloors.

  51. @Marci,

    oh you were definitely right. The "set your clock to future" trick is an EVIL EVIL one :D

    i just built 4 new floors, and got 500,000 coins in a span of 4 minutes maybe :D i admit its cheating, but when you get to 40+ floors, the wait time for a floor to be constructed is almost 20 hours... who's gonna wait that long!

    if u find out some trick to make quick bux too, i'll be ur biggest fan ever :D lol

    p.s. when i updated to the newer version, there was only one thing i was hoping for, a faster elevator than the golden one! but alas :(

    i think one of the few bugs in the newer version has made its way into ur device... be patient, wait a few days, and download another update on the way that NimbleBit has already submitted to Apple... hope that would solve your problem! best of luck!

  52. hello to all
    does anyone know, what exaclty happens when you tap the reset button? Do your bucks and money remain or (like selling the tower) come back?

  53. @Marci & Xindagi,

    yay, after yet another update, things started to work out pretty fine :-) woohoo

  54. @Xindagi,
    I haven't tried either of these since the latest update, but for the EVIL way to get bux now that the trick of getting 3 bux for dream jobs is gone:
    1- use the time to take advantage of the occasional bux for restocking. Instead of jumping far into the future, jump just far enough to quickly restock full floors in rapid succession.
    2- move forward one day at a time, collecting birthday bux for each person. You will still get the bux on their real b-days too.

  55. I guess I'm only a mildly aggressive evictor... I rarely use the elevator for anything and use bux to fill my apts. Dream job is great, but don't want to waste all my bux... so I keep all new folks who have dream jobs, and then go back through all floors and check skill level of all the non dream job folks. Goal is for each floor to be staffed full and have at least one dream job and 8 or 9 skill for the non-dream job. That way you get the 3 bux (haven't updated), the stock multiplyer, and the highest discount for each restock (24-27%). If I can't meet that goal, the floor goes unstaffed (or remodeled) until I can meet it. So I am only evicting the ones who are not dream jobs and have no skill at a 8-9 (really, who wants a 0-3-5-0-2 anyway?). 36 floors, 28/60 dream jobs currently. making coins hand over fist.

    Has anyone mapped out to see if the name/dreamjob/skill combination is fixed (like stock and restock times) or if it's random for each player? In other words, is your Jimmy Hopkins the same as mine? Just wondering - like how many potential bitizens exist. You could set up an open google spreadsheet and people could post their bitizens and the stats.

  56. @Jumpy:
    yes i've tried the reset button in the beginning, it works as if you have just installed the game for new. even the tutorial starts again. all money and stuff gone.

    congrats :D

    im not planning on using the time jumping trick for stocks... just for constructing floors. stocks take maximum 6-10 hours and meanwhile others are at work. so no problem there.
    BUT..... what is a birthday bux? :S i've never heard/read/experienced it... elaborate please..

    thats your way. but i have 65/75 dream jobs, and its like im stealing money :D it greatly increases your profits, well doubles it, so ofcrs.
    i still have 3 workers at each floor, and im constantly on the look out for dream jobs or higher skills to replace them if they need to be. i have atleast 20 perfectly employed workplaces out of my 25. 3 dream jobbers with a skill point of 9 each :D works like a charm!

    and no i guess its completely random :S at any rate, i dont have a Jimmy Hopkins in my 75 bitizens, and no i wont be so inclined to write down their details in a spreadsheet :P im jobless i agree, but not that much :P

  57. @Xindagi,
    The birthday bux are kinda like the rent you collect. Each new day on the calendar that you open the game, you collect 100 coins rent for each of your bitizens. If the day also matches the birthday of any of your bitizens (I have 100+ so it happens frequently), you get a bux. If there are multiple bitizens with that birthday, you get multiple bux.

  58. wow, i guess i never noticed :S or maybe nobody's bday yet came up with my 75 bitizens only :(

    OR, more likely, i press continue without looking what it says when i open the app 8-)

    anyways, thanks for explaining :D appreciate it

  59. Since upgrade, whenever I return to the app, following a period away, the music plays despite it being switched off in "Settings" To get rid of it I have to switch it on in settings and then off again. Anyone else have similar issue?

  60. Sometimes I have the music playing, but no sound effects. My setting for sound is "On."
    I time travel once a day, just before bed. My floors are at 1 day 15 hours to build--forever! I travel forward one day, collect coins and restock only the 2 coin items. Go forward one more day, stock the 2 coin and restock the 3 coin. Travel forward one more day and only stock the 3 coin items--NO restock. Go back to present day and restock 2 coin items. Plenty of coins while I sleep and the 2coin items are ready to go in the morning. Then I restock the 1 coin items. By the time I am ready to go, stock them, restock the level 3 and most of them are ready in the afternoon.
    As far as people, I keep all level 9 or dream jobbers that move in. If a place is full of level 9 dream job, I make someone unemployed just long enough to move the new one in and then evict them. When it is time for a new floor, if I do not have 3 unemployed with a dream job of the same category (food, service, etc.), I build more residential. Otherwise, I build whatever I have three people to staff. The more residential you have, the higher your demand goes and it doesn't cost anything to have unemployed bitizens. My stats usually run between 800 and 1200 sales per miinute with only 48 businesses.

  61. @Jeannie,
    Interesting observation that you can get more sales by having more residents. I have noticed my sales higher when I have only three coin items stocked and lower as I also stock ones and twos, which makes me think the demand per minute at each store is fixed in terms of number of items purchased, and you can maximize the income by only having the most expensive items. Have you noticed anything like that?
    I think I will focus on residential for the next couple floors and see what happens.

  62. @Marci
    i havent checked the sales per minute but just now that u mentioned it, i looked at two floors for one minute... the upper one was stocked with 3 coins item only, and the lower one had 2coin and 3coin items stocked...
    both had around 15 customers in that one minute.. ofcrs the upper floor made more coins since it could only sell the most expensive item...
    so i guess you are right.
    but even if you stock only 3coin items, you still need to have employed 3 ppl there to make the third item available..

    Plus, if i only stock 3coin items, i lose my bux for fully stocking a floor. and in my opinion, coins are way easier to earn than bux. dont you think.....

    i too restock every item on the list for every floor, and my sales go somewhere around 600 per minute when every floor is up and running, with 30 business..

  63. Don't forget the VIP Real estate agent! He moves a bitizen into an unoccupied apartment of your choice. :)

  64. Does anyone have names of famous people? I have a F. Castro.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. About #17: You don't need bitizens to man the stores. They will remain open and the items will continue to sell even if no one is there :)

  67. That's not Godzilla anyhow.
    That's Lizzie from the game Rampage.

  68. Can someone help a noob? I built my first unit, but no one moves in unless I use one of my bux. Then they are unemployeed and I never have rent to collect. What am I doing wrong?

  69. You're right Dani! You definitely know your video games! ;)

  70. @Brent you just need to wait for a bitizen move in. Remember, patience is a virtue ;)

  71. @Brent
    they will stay unemployed unless you built some floor with some work (food, recreation, etc)
    then you can employ your bitizens there...
    for moving them in, transport people who come in your elevator, do it regularly... sooner or later someone will want to goto your residential floor, and if there's any space there to move in, they will...
    best of luck

  72. Ill keep trying, how long does it take to get rent?

  73. how to have different shops? so far I have 3 shops of same BBQ, AUTO DEALER, RECYCLING, FLORAL :(

    AND NO other shop except

    BBQ Place, Auto Dealer, Floral Studio, Rock Climbing, Recycling.

    do I need to update the game?

    thx alot

  74. @Brent
    24 hours.. but you get 100 coins per bitizen, so the rent doesnt count towards much, in my opinion atleast..

    the shops you have mentioned are the new businesses they have added in the new update,
    i guess its a bug... try updating it again and maybe it'll work....
    few other people have the same problem btw..
    best of luck

  75. Will not trust new update as last one took buxs from most riders instead of increasing them as promised, reduced buxs rewards for fully restocking, reduced dream jobs bux. If you remember there was an update before this one we were warned not to install. I am barely happy at fl 71, do not play as much, endless people searches only way to make alot of buxs.

  76. heyyy... for the list of VIPs, there is also a real estate agent who can move a new bitizen into a residential.. and the pink shirt bitizen who increases the number of customers is a celebrity.

  77. Anyone know when the Mapple Store will stock MyPads? 8-)

    New update. Lots of goodies.
    My sales per minute were about 1200
    and are now 700 and others
    have noticed the drop.

    You can now also upgrade your elevator to
    Infini-Lift Lightspeed (Speed 42 ppm) for only 499 Bux.
    Ouch!! $15

  78. The official response:

    This is an unintended bug which causes sales to be slower while the app is open but sales are normal when running in the background. An update will be out soon to fix the bug.

  79. @Dani
    Thank goodness for that! My sales dropped to half the amount as well and i thot it was just another cutback like they did with the dream job last time... great that its just a bug :D

    and speaking of dream jobs, they're worth 2 bux now instead of 1 :P i think we complained a lot :D

    love the new elevator, but ofcrs its damn expensive, i had about 300 bux stocked but even that wasnt enough...

    another thing is the upgrade on how much a store can stock... i started upgrading the mexcian food just for giggles, but it kept going on even after level 10.. and my first item now takes 51 min instead of 1 min and stocks 765 instead of 15

    anyone know what's the highest level of upgrade we can reach on a store? or if its infinite :S

  80. According to

    As of the Version 1.3 update, each commercial floor can be upgraded for 3 Tower Bux per level. Each level increases stock of each item by 75, the stocking time by 5 minutes, and the stocking price by 45 coins. There is no level cap.

  81. A strategy I find useful is to rename the business starting with the number of dream job staff in them. E.g on the golf business, if I have 2 staff employed where it is the dream job, I rename it 2 golf. That way when I get a new bitizen and his dream job shows 2 golf, I can know I have a spot for him. This is particularly helpful when the building gets larger. If there is 3 bitizens in their dream job, I rename the building as 3 golf, or if they are each skilled at 9 I rename it Full Golf so I know it is maxed out. If 3 Golf, I will replace a lower skilled dream job staff with a higher skilled one. Rename businesses to help u keep track of the occupancy and also help u distinguish buildings u have now from those not in yr building .

  82. I just stumbled onto something - not sure if it's a bug or a new feature.

    When I got the Real Estate Agent VIP, I took her to a newly created and empty residential floor and it put 5 new residents in there. I was able to score three dream jobs in one shot! Just thought I'd pass it along.

  83. Yes the Real Estate Agent now fills all vacancies on the floor.
    The bug that some people have reported is that the new residents all have the same dream job.

  84. @GW:
    next time read the description of the update before clicking on it... it lists all the new features, so no stumbling :)

  85. Does anyone know if the new elevator (infini-lift lightspeed, speed 42ppm) is worth the effort? or will i be trying forever to get a bitizen from 1st floor to the 2nd floor? :S

    i mean 499 is an awful lot of bux to spend on it and then regret it later...

  86. Does anyone know how to change the name of a store? Also how do you dithering time trick? Thanks :)

  87. @trackjunkie_8
    when you click on any floor, you get a window with the name on top written in black on white background...
    click on that name, you get the keypad asking you to rewrite the name, thats how you change it

    as for the time change trick, you simply change the time of your device (iphone, ipad, etc.) to somewhere in future, if its 5pm right now, you make it 10pm instead
    it will affect your tiny tower as if 5 hours really have passed, tiny tower for some reason fortunately for us, goes with the time of ur device and doesnt have its own clock ticking... until they figure out how to have one, we're in luck :D
    floor build time, stocking time, you can skip all these by changing the time on ur device... but be sure when you go back to the original time later on, nothing is being stocked, otherwise the stock time will change from 2 mins to 5 hours 2 mins....
    hope you got the point

  88. Very nice, thanks for the information.
    sell your home quickly

  89. okay i dunno if im talking to myself here, but to answer my own question...

    just upgraded to the new elevator (infini-lift lightspeed) and its THE. BEST. THING. EVER. :D

    it moves in short bursts of great speed (42ppm) but single taps move it just half a floor up... its Fantabulous! :D

  90. i used the skip time trick, but when i changed back to the original time, all the sales went to 0, is there a way to fix this?

  91. new to this, can anyone please tell me what the individual upgrade for each built floor is and how many it upgrades by, i have a couple of level 6 and dont know if ive been wasting bux?

  92. it costs three bucks and upgrades the story's stock by 75 with each level. so you see a much bigger impact with small/quick stock stores like mexican food than long/big-stock stores like detective office

    what i wonder is, is there a max level for a store? i've gone over 11 with one already...

  93. @Wellerbabe & cw

    As of the Version 1.3 update, each commercial floor can be upgraded for 3 Tower Bux per level. Each level increases stock of each item by 75, the stocking time by 5 minutes, and the stocking price by 45 coins. There is no level cap.

    so meaning u can keep going upgrading them and they'll keep increasing, no limit.

  94. heyyy everyone! i just found this game -- well three days ago actually, it came as an ad on my pocket frogs--but i am really lost!!! i can't make it to work. i go as far as building the first floor -- residential or business, have tried different combos--and it takes all the coins right? then i spend the one and only buk (singular for bux ;p ) to move in a citizen aaaaanndddd then nothing happens!! for days now!!! in other worlds im stuck on tutorial! am i just impatient or was i lucky to get the bugged version? it sounds like a fun game....if i could play it! HELPPPP!!! thank you =]

  95. @kittykat

    as far as i remember, building the first floor doesn't take all the coins, i might be wrong, it was ages ago when i had the tutorial...

    try resetting the game from the settings, it will restart the tutorial...
    after you move in the bitizen from your buck, you have to start stocking the business floor, thats how you get more coins.
    keep moving bitizens up from the elevator, it will move new bitizens to your residential floor, which you can employ in your business floor and thus stock all three items.
    also you will get little missions to find people in your tower, since you have just 4 or 5 people it will be pretty easy to find one of them, that's how you get more bux.. collect 50 and get the 100,000 coins from the bank, that should help you to build more floors.

    best of luck

  96. @Xindagi
    thank you so much! i deleted the app and re-downloaded (for the fourth time )but it worked..finally! =0)
    thank you! i am enjoying the game!

  97. Rumoured update from

    5 New Commercial Floors
    3 Residential Floors!
    32 New Costumes

    Hopefully next weekend since I have only
    7 more floors to go.
    I got addicted to the costumes so I'm happy
    there are more on the way.

    I have ninjas stocking sushi and pandas doing Asian.
    The bellhops became the ushers at the cineplex.
    I was happy when I thought of Knight Club.
    I was tempted to make it Pirate Ship & Print.
    The Milwaukee Brewers are at the brewery.
    I was most proud of abbreviating one business to FroGurt.
    The cats are stocking ice cream but cats and scoops bring a different image to mind.
    Bad news for swimsuit issue fans: the pilgrims
    are running the fashion studio so it will be long,
    dark, and heavy for the foreseeable future.

  98. From

    Retail - Grocery Store
    Service - Security Office
    Creative - Laboratory
    Recreation - Karaoke Club
    Food - Pancake House

  99. I may have missed this in all the posts, but is there any use for the basement? Also, is there any benefit to being connected to "friends" towers, or is it just to keep us competitive?

  100. @plasticflywheel

    basement or Lobby floor is just for the lift, when there's a passenger to be transported thru the elevator, anywhere you click on the lobby floor (including the elevator itself), you begin transporting the passenger to its desired floor.

    no idea about the friends issue, never tried it

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. Xindagi : Yes, the new elevator is totally worth it, OMG. it is superfast but it also has super breaks, just the fact that I can go down one floor instead of two is worth the 499 bux, but the speed is also incredable. I also find that even at 2 bux per dream job, you can still make bux quite quickly if you play often, I mostly play while trying to fall asleep or on break at work. I get bux pretty fast.

  103. @kaoshavoc:

    i agree on the fast bux, but to do so, you need to have atleast 50+ different business in your tower to make the dream job bux, otherwise you'll just keep getting bitizens who dont match any business in your tower.

    also, about increasing the level of the business to make them stock more, how are people going about it? do they increase the level of every business? or just those who stock real low amounts?
    i plan to increase the level of every low-stock business until the first item is being sufficiently stocked..

  104. Hi need your help I didn't no you should ctock you floor befor you click on a vip so now I'm stuck with a vip gong up and down and elevtor with no floor to delevir him on so what do I do now

  105. Hi,

    No customers are visiting my shops on tiny tower....therefore, i am not earning any cash!! Any suggestions on how to attract customers too buy and come to my shops??

  106. hi!! i am just new in playing this game maybe some of you guys can help me with my query.

    i started palying the game aound 11pm and i have fully employed my sushi bar and my barber shop..

    but the morning i woke up.. my employees are not in their jobs...

    is that normal for the employee to stay in their apartment even if the store has a full stocks of products?

  107. I tried to make a residencial floor but the game said "no more types of this floor for your level"... What does that mean and how do you"level up"

  108. One floor you forgot in the recreation.There is a haunted house!

  109. I am relying on my big spender to make money as it takes more then a day to make enough for a new floor. Is it worth spending bux to upgrade my courthouse which is my highest paying room with my big spender or is it a waste of my bux. Am I better off saving the bux to buy 100000 at a time with 50 buxs.

  110. I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks. Today I am getting green lines going across some of my stores that are suppose to be restocking. They don't look like they are getting any stock at all. The progress bar is there. Just nothing is loading

  111. I just looked at the floors with the lines running through them and all of them have dream jobs, though not all the dream jobs have the lines. I also found out if I go ahead and buy the product with biz it loads but then the next product chosen after that does the same thing and won't load. I have even tried rebooting the phone and that didn't work.

    Also on another update it would be nice if some one put a cancel button on product already being sold. Sometimes I accidentally brush it with my finger and then all I get to choose is sell or gift. I have found out rebooting my phone will put it back to normal but that gets tiring.

  112. CJ -- you don't have to reboot the phone. Go ahead and choose SELL or GIFT after accidentally choosing the options. You'll get a confirmation dialog where you can choose "NO" to cancel the transaction.

  113. Didn't see this one on the spreadsheet and I just got it on my Tiny Tower: Submarine Apts.

  114. I have a question for all you tiny tower experts .. Just started playing this yesterday and have 9 floors and 15 Bitizens. I have read almost all of the posts and although all of my 15 Bitizens are a 9 in the skill level job they are in none of the 15 have a dream job that I currently have. Do I just start evicting until I get someone that has a dream job for a business that I actually have?

  115. CJ - The only time I've seen green lines across a stocking business is if someone set the date or time backwards on their phone to before the stocking began, like if you told the shop to stock on Monday, April 2, then for some reason set the phone's date to April 1.

  116. Help! On my missions menu, it stays on that screen for about 3 seconds but then after that, i am taken to my ipod's main screen, exiting the whole tiny tower app!

  117. I have 159 floors and I'm trying to build another apartment but it keeps telling me I cant do this for this level. Why is it doing that?

  118. I also found out if I go ahead and buy the product with biz it loads but then the next product chosen after that does the same thing and won't load
    unlock iphone 3gs tutorials

  119. How do I rearrange the floors? Do I need money or depends on what level I am?

  120. Hi, I found a great way to organize my people so I can locate them when asked for a free tower buck. Whenever you hire someone just customize their clothing so their shirt color matches the type of floor they work at. Green shirts for food, blue shirts for service jobs, etc. That way when the blue square pops up at the bottom of the screen you dont have to search every floor to find the person, you know what job they have so you just need to serach those floor types or the apartments.