Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Popular Life Hacks in the Philippines

  • You can always ask for a free newspaper in the morning from McDo or Jollibee even if your bill is below the required minimum amount for a free one. They don't usually care. 
  • Mercury Drug sells bottled drinks and other packed foods that are a lot cheaper compared to 7-11 and Mini Stop.
  • Tired of queueing up at BPI? Take advantage of their express assist online service by scheduling withdrawal and deposit transactions.  
  • Food hacks - if you are working in Makati go buy your food in Jollijeep much cheaper - Hakwer 101, bang for the buck - Cheap massage? Go Nuat Thai for only 250 pesos. - Going to Enchanted Kingdom? There's a shuttle back and forth in Makati/Ayala MRT - Quick merienda? - Get a Turon in SM malls in Makati for 12 pesos only. - Grab Taxi or Uber - you need this to survive the Hell of Manila - Always look out for Grab Taxi coupon codes - Cheap Karaoke in Timezone - Easy tickets in Timezone just play "Big Drop". I managed to get like 5000 of tickets.
  • If you arrive at NAIA and the queue at the taxi rank is full, catch the free bus to Resorts World on the bottom level (you have to pretend you're going to check in) and then once you get to one of the resorts world hotels, ask the doorman at the hotel to flag you a taxi.
  • The BPI iOS/Android app has a "Transfer to Anyone" service that does not need for the transferee's account info to be enrolled. Just use wisely.

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