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Pocket Planes Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

If you're looking for a guide or tips and tricks on making tons of coins and bux in Nimblebit's latest iOS game Pocket Planes, then look no further because I've done all the "hard" work of collecting and posting information from various sources all over the web on how to best manage your fleet of Pocket Planes on your way to global airline domination. A word of caution though before you plunge into this addictive game -- Pocket Planes will take over your life if you're not careful!

Pocket Planes Online Airpedia List of all planes and their stats and classes!


Pocket Planes [AppStore] is Nimblebit's (the developer of iOS hit Tiny Tower) next game. The game is free-to-play with IAP, bux, which can get you new airplanes, airports, etc.. Tiny Tower was well balanced and IAP was not necessary so expect Pocket Planes to be the same.

In Pocket Planes you take control of your own fledgling airline in a region of your choosing. From there you get to expand your airline however you would like. Your airline can specialize in short-hauls with cargo, become a long-distance airline for passengers or any combination you would like. As you earn more bux you will get to unlock larger more efficient planes, airports and parts. Flights occur in real-time so you will schedule your flights and receive notifications as they reach their destinations

Pocket Planes will also incorporate a new feature called "Flight Crews". Your crew will compete in timed-events in order to win prizes like unique aircraft (as seen in the image below). So far the only example given of a possible event is for most flights completed by a flight crew during a period.

{source: neogaf}

Strategy Guide For Making Tons of Money in Pocket Planes

First of all, when you start you're only going to be able to travel between a close packed group of cities. Since these cities are so close, your flights are going to take off and land (and be ready for their next flight) within at most, 8 minutes. As you can see with 4 flights and the most any one flight will take is 8 minutes, you're going to be busy.

The goal for levels 1-20 is to get as far spread out as possible, and get rid of your gray airports when possible. They by far have the fewest jobs. After level 20, you can get a plane large enough to fly over the Atlantic easily, and you should know what you are doing at that point.

What you want to do initially is to balance between airplanes and units. For example, if you buy too many planes, you may find that your planes are sitting at cities waiting for new jobs to come in. At this point, buy airports! However if you're buying too many airports, you're leaving available items and money at these airports! So its important to find a balance.

Once you start getting blue Airports, you want to start to spread out and push the boundaries of your airplanes. Remember, the further you get away, the longer and more profitable the flights are.

Your first Red airport will cost between 45,000 and 51,000 coins, and will seem like a poo poo ton of money. It is at that point. However getting one of these Red Airports will probably stay with you for the rest of the game: Los Angeles, New York, London/France, or Jakarta.

When picking Aircraft, always pick the "M" type of airplanes.

 Plane Classes

There are three classes of planes in Pocket Planes: 

Class 1 planes are small, can only carry up to at most (at the best plane which is the Kangaroo) 4 units, fly short distances slowly, and can land in any city.

Class 2 planes are medium planes, can carry up to 6 units, fly much longer distances and faster and can only land at blue or red dot cities.

Class 3 planes are large planes, can carry up to 20+ units, fly huge distances, and at fast speeds, and can only land at red dot cities.

{source: somethingawful}

Tips and Tricks

Posted below are some Pocket Planes tips and tricks collected from all over the web to help you enjoy and get the most fun out of this game.

#1 You can get free coins (worth 1 and 10) and free bux while flying from one airport to another. Just click on the coins and bux that pass by your airplane.

#2 The dots signify how busy the airport is. Red is busiest, then blue then black.  Busier airports have more available jobs.

#3 To see how many times you did an event, click event then click the check mark.

#4  You can get anywhere with any plane regardless of their range, you just need to make more stops.

#5 Upgrading the airport gets you more jobs and layovers.

#6 You can buy parts in the market. You have to level up to unlock more plane models and parts.

#7 It's cheaper to build if you already have a part.

#8 You can also get bux through certain jobs.

#9 Aim to buy the fastest machine pieces for new planes first up; 2 seater/cargo planes are your ideal starting point because 1500 coins per hour is better than 500 coins per hour.

#10 Close airports so that you don't saturate your job list with low paying jobs. It's also a way to make some coin to open up other stuff, or to move your operations around when you are at your city limit for your level.

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