Thursday, May 31, 2012

iOS Game Idea

concept: the adventures of a stay-at-home programmer dad

objective: balance work/career with family(wife/baby)
               earns rewards

-salary raise
-happy and contented wife/baby
-bigger home
-nice car
-shiny gadgets
-travel around the world
-hire maid
-hire contractors
-put up business with passive income
-increased pageviews for blog/website
-increased sales for iOS apps
-increased reputation

 on any given day, you should perform the following tasks

- prepare milk
- change diapers
- wash baby
- wash clothes
- prepare meal
- walk baby
- put baby to sleep

for programming
- skype with client
- write blog post
- code for ? hour/s
- commit code to repository
- study Objective-C
- research
- play Diablo 3
- read Twitter, Hacker News, NeoGaf,,,
- upload pics to Facebook
- review Adsense earnings

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