Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S Feature Summary

iPhone 4S:
  Preorders oct 7, launch Oct 14
  16gb $199, 32gb $299, 64gb $399
  Available on ATT, Verizon, Sprint
  Retina Display
  A5 processor
  Dual core graphics 7x faster than iPhone 4
  8 hour talk time, 6 hours web browsing
  Intelligent antennas
  Data speed doubled to 14.4 mbps down
  World phone dual GSM and CDMA
  8MP camera, gathers 73% more light per pixel, f2.4
  Face detection, auto white balance
  1.1   seconds between shots
  1080p Video
  Real time image stabilization
  Real time noise reduction
  Airplay mirroring – wired or wireless
  Siri : “intelligent assistance that helps you get things 
         down just by asking”, dictation, works with built in 
         apps, works over 3g or wifi

Iphone 4:
  $99, 3GS free with contract

  Nano – adds mulitouch, add watch faces for people who use 
         a watches, 8gb $129, 16gb $149
  Touch – 8gb $199, 32gb $299, 64gb $399

  2gb $49

iOS 5:
  Goes live October 12, gold master release today
  Recap from previously announced:
  iMessages – notifications system (like android)
  Location based reminders
  Twitter integration
  Camera using volume key and from lock screen
  Safari – includes reader

  Photo Stream – syncs photos to the cloud
  Find my Friends – like find my phone

iTunes Match:

iOS App:
  Cards – create and send cards via snailmail $2.99 push 
          notification when delivered.


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