Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DragonVale Breeding Combinations + Rainbow Dragons

Dragon 1Dragon 2Incubation periodOutcome
PlantFire1 hourFlower
FireEarth12 hoursLava
EarthPlant12 hoursMoss
Fire Flower30 minutesPoison
PlantEarth14 hoursTree
ColdEarth 14 hoursMountain
FireLightning3 hoursFirefly
EarthLightning24 hoursCrystal
LavaLightning6 hoursQuake
LightningCold5 hoursStorm
Cold Water8 hoursIce
EarthWater6 hours Mud
PlantWater9 hoursSwamp
WaterPlant5 hoursSeaweed
AirLightning8 hoursSonic
Cold Air8 hoursSnow
Air Fire8 hoursBlazing
Air Plant8 hoursWillow

Some combinations that have been known to produce *Rainbow dragons:
  • Snow + Lightning 
  • Firefly + Swamp 
  • Blazing + Crystal 
  • Flower + Mud 

*Level does not matter, you don't need all other dragons, you don't need boosts, you don't need rainbow habitats, nor flags. Its random. Firefly seems to work well with Seaweed or Swamp


  1. Good advice rly helped thanx:)

  2. helps a lot i used it to get every dragon even rainbow dragon


  3. Thanks Heaps

    could you please update the post or add a comment with the combination for moon dragons

  4. What is the best way to get a rainbow? Snow/ lightning???? The BEST way.

  5. AWESOME im coming to this website every time for a dragon thx :I

  6. i know another combination. do water dragon and fire dragon together. it will make a air dragon

  7. what about bone dragon? I combined a fire and a ground dragon.

  8. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.