Monday, May 2, 2011

Order and Chaos Online FAQs, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

How do I turn off General Chat?

General chat basically sucks balls. Here's how to disable it: Open your chat window, pull up all the Chat Channels, tap and hold on the Global icon until it gets crossed out.

How do I get professions?

In the first major starter town, you should get a quest to basically gather materials from each of the professions. Once you complete that quest, you will be given the choice of three "letters" each corresponding to one of the professions. Choose the profession you want, get the letter, read it in your inventory, take it to that specific trainer, and you will be enrolled in that profession. Profession skills can be found under the Spells tab.

Ok, I have a profession now, how do I level it up?

Picking up new recipes is a bit different than World of Warcraft. Rather than gaining skill-ups everytime you create new item (assuming it was yellow or red in WoW), Order & Chaos instead distributes "profession currency" everytime a player makes something. Make enough things and you'll earn enough profession currency to spend it on a new recipe at your profession trainer. Then, the cycle begins a new. It seems a bit longer to actually earn new recipes, but it's worth it, as so far crafted armor/weapons seems a heck of alot better than what you get in the wild.

Help I'm stuck! What do I do?

Open up your character profile, select help, and then select auto-unstuck. You will be teleported to the nearest grave-yard. As an aside, the help section does have some decent hints if you get bored and want to read through them.

{FAQs via somethingawful forums}

Beginning Stats

STR: Orc>Human>Undead>Elf
STA: Human=Orc>Undead>Elf
AGI: Elf>Human=Undead>Orc
WIS: Undead>Elf>Human>Orc

Talent Trees

Military Monk Talents

Divine Monk Talents

Battle Warrior Talents

Guardian Warrior Talents

{Talent Trees via Order & Chaos Info}

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