Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shadow Era Killer Decks, Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Shadow Era is a free trading online card game for the web and iPhone. It currently has more than 100 trading cards, and new cards are being added constantly. It has a great player community to discuss deck strategies and suggest new features, and contests for designing new cards.

 Below are some of the killer decks currently being played in the PVP format.

Majiya Deck
Hero: Majiya

4 Infernal Gargoyle
4 Belladonna
4 Plasma Behemoth
4 Bad Wolf
4 Fireball
4 Lightning Strike
2 Supernova
4 Here be Monsters
3 Research
3 Portal

Eladwen Deck
 Hero: Eladwen Frostmire

4 Blake Windrunner
2 Puwen Bloodhelm
4 Aldon the Brave
4 Sandra Trueblade
3 Aeon Stormcaller
4 Lightning Strike (or) Fireball*
4 Research
4 Portal

Darkclaw Deck
Hero: Darkclaw

4 Bazaar
4 Bad Santa
4 Rain Delay
4 Now You're Mine
4 Captured Prey
4 What Big Teeth
4 Speedstrike
4 Regeneration
4 Rabid Bite
4 Lone Wolf
4 Full Moon


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  2. This is my Eladwen Deck.
    Eladwen Frostmire
    Jasmine Roosevelt-4
    Puwen Bloodhelm-3
    Raven Wildheart-3
    Aldon the Brave-3
    Tainted Oracle-3
    Marshland Sentinal-2
    Aeon Stormcaller-2
    Poison Gas-2
    Engulfing Flames-2
    Lightning Strike-4
    Clinging Webs-4
    Reinforced Armor-2
    Campfire Stories-2
    Good Ascendant-4
    Rain Delay-4
    Extra sharp-4
    Snow Sapphire-1
    Voice of Winter-1
    I have not lost online with this deck yet

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