Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battleheart Strategies, Tips and Tricks

How to defeat the last boss in Battleheart

You will need a non-melee fighter such as Bromswell, Wynter, or Thistle. Bromswell is good  because he can teleport.

You will need two melee fighters: one with balanced power and armor (tank), and one with much more power than armor. (Feung and Robin)

You will also need Lucille the cleric.

All of them should be at least level 30 and have the best weapons that you can get from upgrading (there are also awesome weapons that you can get from upgrading or the merchant).

In the keep, they should be in order: Feung, Robin, Lucille, Bromswell.

Feung's moves should be Wind Walk, Ki Blast, and 1000 palms.
Robin's moves should be Sneak Attack, Poisoned Knife, and Shadowstep.
Lucille's moves should be Group Heal, Shield, and Vengeful Angel.
Bromswell's moves should be Meteor, Time Stop, and Thunderbolt.

When you begin, make Feung attack in the front of the boss and Robin in the back.

Teleport Bromswell to the botton left hand corner.
Walk Lucille to the top right hand corner.

Lucille should be continuously healing Feung under normal conditions. Because they are all spread out, it ensures that a meteor won't blow up two people at the same time.

When the boss stars shaking and flashing and making noises you have to move Robin and Feung away or it's a one-hit KO. When the boss disappears, you have to kill the skeletons before the boss comes back out.

Use Vengeful Angel on Lucille, and Time Stop on Bromswell, it will help a lot. Use group heal as much as possible.

Pause and retreat if Lucille dies, or if both Feung and Robin die.

You can get some of those non-purchasable and almost inacessible items from farming the Throne of Ruin.

{source: Nefretta of toucharcade}

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