Friday, September 17, 2010

Pocket Frogs Awards and Breeding Combinations List

Pocket Frogs Strategy Guide is here.

Here is a spreadsheet that will keep you from selling frogs that you will need an hour after you sell them and then have trouble finding, breeding or buying.

Award Primary Secondary Pattern Qty
I Choose You Yellow Tingo Anura 8
Single Rainbow Red Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Orange Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Yellow Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Green Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Blue Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Purple Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Pink Albeo Anura 1
Muddy Buddies Cocos Cafea Crustalli 8
Frog Soldiers Olive Bruna Velatus 1
Frog Soldiers Beige Ceres Velatus 1
Frog Soldiers Black Albeo Velatus 1
Code Red Red Tingo Crustalli 1
Code Red Red Tingo Marmorea 1
Code Red Red Tingo Zebrae 1
CMYK Azure Picea Anura 1
CMYK Violet Picea Anura 1
CMYK Yellow Picea Anura 1
CMYK Black Picea Anura 1
Grapevine Purple Folium Clunicula 8
Brownies Cocos Cafea Marmorea 1
Brownies Cocos Cafea Velatus 1
Brownies Cocos Cafea Bovis 1
Bacon Bits Maroon Ceres Marmorea 8
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Adamantis 1
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Viduo 1
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Stellata 1
Peanut Butter Jelly Beige Pruni Marmorea 8
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Serpentis 1
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Partiri 1
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Zebrae 1
Polka Party White Carota Puncti 1
Polka Party White Viola Puncti 1
Polka Party White Caelus Puncti 1
Polka Party White Muscus Puncti 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Crustalli 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Puncti 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Roboris 1
Ladybugs Red Picea Puncti 8
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Zebrae 1
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Crustalli 1
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Anura 1
Safari Beige Bruna Africanus 4
Safari White Picea Zebrae 4
Black and White White Picea Puncti 1
Black and White White Picea Roboris 1
Black and White White Picea Spinae 1
Diamondbacks Beige Bruna Adamantis 8
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Puncti 1
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Crustalli 1
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Velatus 1
Orange County Orange Carota Partiri 1
Orange County Orange Carota Zebrae 1
Orange County Orange Carota Marmorea 1
2 bee or not 2 bee Golden Picea Partiri 2
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Anura 1
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Nasus 1
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Clunicula 1
Jailbirds Black Albeo Partiri 8
Jailbirds2 White Picea Partiri 8
Purple Pride Purple Viola Puncti 1
Purple Pride Purple Viola Clunicula 1
Purple Pride Purple Viola Bovis 1
Fruit Stripe Emerald Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Yellow Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Red Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Orange Albeo Partiri 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Roboris 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Viduo 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Clunicula 1
Watermellon Green Floris Nasus 8
Valentine Violet Albeo Roboris 8
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Spinae 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Cesti 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Serpentis 1
Cattle Drive White Bruna Bovis 4
Cattle Drive wht Picea Bovis 4
Earth Day Azure Folium Bovis 8
Citrus Mixtus Yellow Aurum Mixtus 1
Citrus Mixtus Lime Folium Mixtus 1
Citrus Mixtus Orange Carota Mixtus 1
Tiger Style Tangelo Albeo Calyx 8
Black Widows Black Tingo Viduo 8
Team America Blue Albeo Stellata 3
Team America Maroon Albeo Partiri 5
Guilde to the Galaxy Black Aurum Stellata 8
Red China Red Aurum Stellata 8
Rattlefrogs Cocos Ceres Serpentis 8
Snake Den Olive Folium Serpentis 8
Yin and Yang Black Albeo Spinae 1
Yin and Yang White Picea Spinae 1
Dizzypads Blue Folium Spinae 8
Cloudback Azure Albeo Spinae 8
Nimblebits Black Albeo Nimbillis 8
Band Together Black Callaina Cesti 1
Band Together Black Folium Cesti 1
Band Together Black Floris Cesti 1
Band Together Black Carota Cesti 1
Foul Line Olive Albeo Cesti 8
River Rock Black Caelus Cesti 8
Asphalt Camouflage Black Aurum Cesti 8
Endangered 1 Red Albeo Sagitta 1
Endangered 1 Purple Carota Amfractus 1
Endangered 2 Marine Picea Ornatus 1
Endangered 2 Maroon Aurum Sol 1
Endangered 3 Lime Caelus Lucus 1
Endangered 3 Black  Floris Ligo 1
Endangered 4 Violet Callaina Corona 1
Endangered 4 Cocos Folium Arbor 1
Legendary 1 Olive Albeo Ocularis 1
Legendary 1 Violet Caelus Insero 1
Legendary 2 Black Albeo Biplex 1
Legendary 2 Blue Albeo Pingo 1
Legendary 3 Black Floris Calvaria 1
Legendary 3 Olive Folium Floresco 1
Legendary 4 Yellow Pruni Magus 1
Legendary 4 Green Aurum Veru 1

{source: googledocs}


  1. Excellent post! Im really into this game! I hope to see a visual guide soon so i can identify what the frogs look like.

  2. .... THANK YOU for this spreadsheet!!

    I was just about to do one very similar. Thanks for saving me the work!

  3. is there a way to send this as an attachment so i can highlight as i go to keep track?

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  5. Hi! thanks for the post ...this is what i was JUST doing on an Excel speadhseet!

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  7. Some great info. Nice to have the spreadsheet to see what I need.
    ANy min/maxers out there want to create a sheet on breeding combination odds? ;)
    Add me as well. I'd love any nice froggy gifts and would gift out anything I may be able to breed as well. gamertag: falcnor

  8. A spreadsheet of the maximum values for various species can be found at

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  10. Highly addicting game! Thanks for the spreadsheet!

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  11. So here's the deal, I have every possible base color and secondary color in the game in Anura-form, and I have every single species from Level 1 to Level 13, except for the Level 3 Tribus. If anybody has a Tribus that they can gift to me, I'll be more than happy to gift them any frog they want. Add me: tlambo13

  12. Tlambo13: I sent you a level 3 tribus. I'm nre to the game (level 6), so just send back anything good in return! Thanks!

    user name: BipRoberts

  13. tlambo13: I've sent u tribus. please send me spinae. thanks.
    username: potatomel

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  15. Thanks so much for the spreadsheet... tonite I learned enough OpenOffice macros to add buttons on the sheet to click and sort by award, secondary or pattern. If interested I'm callmerob at gmail dot com

    Wow good job tlambo13 I've got the colors but not the levels yet... fun!

  16. AWESOME! Thank you - this sure looks better than my .txt file I was starting.

  17. Anyone mind sending PlusID: falcnor a Calvaria? I can't seem to find one. And it's the last frog I need to complete Awards. Thanks!

  18. New to the game and I love it...

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  19. tlambo13- your glass albeo frogs are just fantastic!

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  22. Starting to work on the achievements as well, 50% at the moment. PlusID: mskitteh Don't have all the species yet but very close for my level (11). Have all color combinations categorized.

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  27. helped a lot!

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  28. What is the deal with these requests I get and never have the option to "send" only "decline?" Those are frustrating.

    But good info here. Thanks.

  29. Anybody else not getting awarded once you've completed it? I've done both, single rainbow and I choose you and haven't gotten the award for them.

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  35. My game will only let me catalogue 50. Will it ever let me add more or do I have a glitch in my game??

  36. missylui - I sold all my anura frogs too! HAve spent the past couple of days building them back up again and making sure they are all in the catalogue. I think I have all the base colours (most - need to check), now I just have to figure out how to make sure I have all the secondary colours as well. Am also trying to catalogue on of each pattern as I go along that way I should eventually be able to make anything I want ...I'm monkeyqueen74 in game

  37. hi everyone i'm lvl 10 and i need a Tribus i can send u any pattern from lvl 1 to 10

  38. Please i need a chroma id. frauantje66

  39. I just got up to Level 12 with 28 endangered frogs and the whole system froze on me! Hot happy.

  40. Ok so we're supposed to catalogue only Anuras? I am a little confused. I hate to get the super-rare ones & not catalogue them. I'm not sure what's best. I guess what I'm trying to do is go through & breed as many different ones as I can.
    Also, I read on another site that you can buy a LOT of habitats but I thought you could only get the nursery one plus 7 others. Which is true?
    My biggest question is which frogs I should hold onto vs sell....Really, really hard to tell!

  41. i am happy to trade any chromas (level 13) for any level glass add me squishypoo

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  43. Thanks for posting this! I printed it out via Googledocs and it has really helped! I added a number of you who posted your usernames... mine is osofine1... feel free to add me! :)

  44. Happy Halloween! I was going to send a "Tangelo Aurum Lanterna" (the jack o' lantern frog) to all of the users I had added (most from this page), but I seem to have lost my list of "friends". Has this happened to anyone else? This is time I've used the Plus+ network. Please feel free to add me! Username: "osofine1". I'd love any Chroma frogs if someone would like to send me one...:)

  45. Anyone know what all 40 breeds of frogs there are? If there are 14,720 frogs and there are 368 frogs per category then that means there must be 40 breeds. All sites i've looked at show 39 or so breeds.

  46. Please add me... Ellethe... I am looking for endangered or legendary frogs. Thanks!

  47. Please add me jeshelet. I am new to this game and its kinda atticting but very time consuming. No one I know plays this game. Thanks

  48. I'm only lvl7 but I would like one lanterna and one tribus. Let me know what I can send you back.

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  53. Add me please! I only started yesterday, but if you trade me something, I can give you a level 5 frog, because my best frog is a level 5 Golden Muscus Nasus. My Plus+ ID is J-Dude921. Friend me!

  54. I'm looking for a Tribus, have breeds up to level 11 to trade, including Lanterna; also have glass and chromas.

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  60. Thank you, thank you!
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    Thank you :D

  64. Oh, and I'm at level 7 ^^'

  65. Hi everyone!!! Just started playing this game last week. Gotten up to level 7 now.
    Anyone wanting to add me... id: Nina-Ink
    just for trading, fun whatever.

    still looking for Glass base and/or Chroma secundary color frogs.(and anything above level 7 obviously)

    I regularly work on achievements. and could send sets through or whatever. or maybe someone needs help with their base colored anura's?

    Thnx! and isn't this the best game ever ;-)

  66. HELP!!!!
    im looking for Calvaria and lucus and biplex and, magus,insero pingo, and floresco and corona :)
    im level 11 i have arbor and tribus and sagitta, amfractus, ornatus, sol and ligo and glacio. will send u any frogs in return
    Plus + ID: xiaovonvon

  67. hi all
    i need a chroma and a Floresco ... how do i trade etc???

  68. Hey, trading chroma frogs up to level 7, any kind you need, for tribus or glass

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  69. up to level 11, any type chroma

  70. i have glass - need tribus, lanterna or glacio
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  71. Jules - PurpletreefrogJanuary 3, 2011 at 3:43 AM

    Glass Carota Anura = Purple Carota Anura breed with Purple Carota Anura

  72. Can someone please send me a tribus? I'll sen you an award frog or an endangered frog or anything glass, chroma or both or lanterns or glacio or something good. Please?:)
    Gamername: BananaxBoat

  73. It may be my imagination, but I tend to get a LOT more potions from the pond when I occasionally select a level 1 or 2 frog to hop around getting gifts.

    I'm currently level 13, but still need a Lanterna of any kind. Thanks for all the great tips so far. Plus + name is kk071898 (that's a zero, not an oh).

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  76. Steph91929 here I have a lanterna if anyone needs it

  77. If you get a frog from vampyau please know I am not wanting anything in return just sharing when I have spare glass or chroma

  78. Looking for a Dextra, will trade for anything I have.

  79. Is it possible to breed two legendary frogs before reaching level 15?