Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Terra Battle Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Terra Battle (Apple App Store Google Play Store) is an online free-to-play tactical RPG puzzle game by Mistwalker, Hironobu Sakaguchi's video game development studio. The mobile game is similar to Tetra Master, where you move freely around a grid-based map to flank your enemies and crush them in a pincer attack. 

To help you get the most out of this game, here are a few Terra Battle strategies, tips and tricks:

1. Make sure to login and play everyday. You get bonus coins and energy for consecutive daily plays.

2. You gain additional 5% boost for monster creatures when you get a duplicate monster drop.

3. Farm the 3rd battle in Chapter 3 to level up quickly and get skill boosts. There's a sequence there where you have 4 to 5 monsters arranged vertically that you can kill easily in 1-2 turns, and get massive experience bonus.

4. Grind the Metal Zone 1 early on (opens after Chapter 2) to the max level 20 with your 6 starter characters. You'll need to grind gold during the weekend coin events to pay the 1000 coin entry fee.

5. As much as possible, try to move multiple characters in a single turn. Characters can be positioned to execute chain attacks with allies. Take advantage of bonus items on the map to boost your attack combos.

6. Take some time to raise the second job of your multi-job characters since the stats may end up being way better. Also at level 20 you unlock another slot to use another skill of the other jobs so you can have your second job with the skills of the first as well and vice versa.

7. Having 2 healers in your party of 6 is great for boss fights.

8. Save you energy for recruiting rare characters that can undergo 3 types of job changes.

9. Try to kill as many enemies as possible in single turns, in order to rack up an experience multiplier. Optimal areas will tend to have both large amount of enemies and formations that encourage multipliers.

10. (Added on 8/6/2014) There are some Terra Battle monsters with top-tier skills that can be farmed from certain chapter levels:

Level 3-5
Lizardfolk Hero (Spear) - a little better than the standard knight
Beastfolk Hero (Sword) - a little better than the standard warrior

Level 4-3
Sabertooth King (Spear) -multiple spear attacks

Level 6-10
Cybergolem (Sword) - learns megasword,gigasword and sleep attacks

Level 7-10
Mantledrake (Wizard) - comes with multiple fire spells

Level 9-10
Golem (Spear) - high defense, has both spear and sword attacks

Level 14-7
Regencell (Healer) - definitely an improvement over the standard healer, comes with more healing spells and better stats

Suggested Areas for Power Levelling
-Metal Zones (very high EXP yields, varying stamina and gold requirements)
-Level 5-8 (~11,000 EXP / 7 stamina)
-Level 12-5 (~25,000 EXP / 10 stamina)

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