Saturday, May 10, 2014

High Value Hearthstone Cards That Are Worth Crafting

In Hearthstone [AppStore], you can build up your card collection by leveling up each of the nine available class heroes, buying expert card packs, playing in the arena and last but not the least, crafting. You can craft cards using dust, and those blue glowing bits of powder can be pretty hard to acquire as you can only get them as a reward in arena or by disenchanting expert cards. So you need to make sure that you craft only the cards that are worth their value in dust.
The following are some of the high value Hearthstone cards that are worth crafting:
Argent Squire
Argent Squire's low mana cost and Divine Shield generally allow you to deal 2 damage for 1 mana, potentially killing 2 separate 1 hp minions in the early game.
Harvest Golem

Harvest Golem is generally considered a solid choice for a 3-cost minion, due largely to its Deathrattle. The combined stats of the Golem and the Damaged Golem equal a 4/4, making the card basically efficient.

Knife Juggler

This card is a very strong card because of its special ability. Each time you summon a minion, it hits a random enemy for 1.

Defender of Argus

While the Defender of Argus has very mediocre stats for its cost, the powerful Battlecry more than makes up for this by reshaping the board upon play. Extra points in Attack are always welcome, but creating a double defence from enemy attack will force your opponent to re-assess their strategy.

Azure Drake
Azure Drake is a sturdy 4/4 with two key abilities: Spell Damage and card draw. It is almost identical to the basic Ogre Magi, the only difference being the card draw effect, and an additional 1 mana cost.

Argent Commander
This is one of two 6 mana minions with charge available, the other being Reckless Rocketeer. This leaves you with the choice between 1 more Attack or Divine Shield. In most cases you should opt for the Argent Commander since he basically gives you a free Attack into anything, regardless of its damage potential, and lets you deal quickly with, for example, high-damage Taunt minions.

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