Thursday, November 22, 2012

Puzzle & Dragons Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

 The main tip that I can suggest is to really get the most out of everything you do - run half stamina dungeons to get coins/EVO Materials/Rank-up.

Fuse using materials of the same Attribute for bonus EXP(or Metal Dragons of course!). Don't Evolve Fusion your monsters unless you have enough materials to Power-up Fusion immediately after (when you Evolve, you go back to level 1 but with greater potential to level up higher). When you get to higher levels, consider selling weaker monsters instead of using them for fusion since the fusing will end up costing more than it's worth.

Balance your teams: try finding a sweet spot with RCV and HP for survivability - don't just focus on attack or you will find yourself getting one-shotted very quickly.

Finally - take a look at your helper's stats before you bring them along. Even if a Monster has no Leader Skill (or you can't utilize it because they are an Explorer and not a Friend), someone with 3,000 HP is a great asset!

A tip for new players who have Siren:

You can upgrade the level of Siren's skill(Guard Stance - Water). Just stock up 5 Marine Goblin and use them as fusion material for your Siren, and you have pretty good chance to level up Siren's skill. The max level is 7 and then you can use it every 5 turns instead of 11. Marine Goblin is very easy to get in Sea Cave Mercury and Polar Night Tower.

This is why Siren is a great monster for starters. With Siren's skill and other skills that can change heart orbs into other orbs, you can make great combo. I recommend farm for one no matter what color team you are planning to play.

The enhance materials are used to power up your own monsters. There's some birds you get from the technical dungeon that are enhance materials. However, they start out at level 2 and you should use a monster to max it out. At level 2 the bird will give around 1.2k exp. If you fuse it up to max level with another monster it'll give out 9k exp instead.

How to pass the mask dungeon master level

The requirement is that you should have Shiva(#236) or Shiva helper. in the first round, the monsters' attack is not too high. Just clear orbs which can not make attack to enemies. Do it again and again until the Shiva's active skill is ready. Then use the skill and finish the dungeon. Although Shiva's skill effect only one turn, you can still use it if you clear the enemies in one turn.

Monster drops

All monsters have a chance to drop eggs, but the rate of some of them are extremely low. For example, like mermaid, naga, vampire, titan etc. they have a pretty high drop rate in normal dungeon, but only around 1%~2% from my 8 months experience. By contrast, you can think the some of monsters never drop eggs, such as 5 element knights, god type monsters, salamander, basilisk etc., in normal dungeon. However, some of them have a higher drop rate or 100% drop rate in some special or event dungeons. But for now, if you want to get it by run the dungeon, the only thing you can do is wait and log in on that special day. In addition, the time for waiting may be one or two months long, and the event only last one day or 12 hours. 

Dragon fruit

Don't sell your dragon fruits; feed them to one of your monsters! You'll only get 120g if you sell a dragon fruit, but it's worth 5000xp if you use it for leveling up.

Norse gods

There are two Norse gods that are so powerful and worth to get them. One is Green Odin whose leader skill is 80% damage reduced when HP is full and active skill is light damage by 20 times his ACK. The other one is Loki whose leader skill is 2 times ACK and RCV of dark element team members. The Loki is such important, since RCV of almost all dark monster is not too high relatively.

Special dungeons

Every special dungeon has different requirement to be broken. For blizzard dungeon, the damage of final boss is 17100 for adept level, 31907 for expert level and 68910 for master level! It seems impossible to break it. However, the boss only attacks 8 turns. That means you have enough times to recover your hp. Try a monster whose leader skill is resolve to be leader.

Best easily obtainable source of experience to level up your monsters

Before Satan's Castle, those 5 colors of Carbuncles.
After Satan's Castle, definitely Pendras.

Just wait for the Metal, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Dragon dungeons and just farm them. However, you can also use Pengdras. Their the small, penguin-like monsters tht you can catch in ghe technical dungeons. There's Green, Red, and Blue Pengdras. Also, you can evolve them into an Emepror Pengdra of their respective color, which can be used to greatly level up your monsters.

If that doesn't work out for you, you can also try using monsters you end up getting duplicates of.

Calculating damage

For every combo you make, no matter what color the orbs are, your attack power goes up by 25%. For every extra useful combo there is, your attack power goes up by 100%.
Every monster have a defense value. Your actual damage to the moster should be your attack power minus the defense value. If your attack power cannot exceed his defense, your damage becomes 1.
The attribute boost(fire against wood, light against dark, etc.) is applied before the defense value is calculated. So are all the boosts got from leader skills.
Let's say your monster's ATK is A, and you come up with a chain of N combos, and M of them is of the useful color, and the monster have a defense of D, then the formula is like this:

Final damage = A x 100% x M x (100% + (N-1) x 25%) - D

Let's see an actual example. You have to beat a wood boss with a DEF of 2000. What you have is a fire monster with only 500 ATK. Normally your damage will just become 1. But you put it in a 4x fire team. You made a chain of 6 combos. 3 of them is of fire orbs. And here is what happens:

Your final damage = 500 x 3 x (100% + (6-1) x 25%) x 4 x 2 - 2000 = 25000

Pretty amazing, right?! That is what we call explosive power. And this is just from only one monster, a team has six monsters, think how much damage they would deal in total.

So this is why a 4x team is great. With damage like this you can definitely sweep most bosses in the game in a few turns. Only those in Master levels cannot be killed quickly because they have huge tons of HP. Some of you may think making 6 combos or having that much useful orbs is hard, but let me tell you, with a orb-changing skill this is very easy. So the crucial member in every 4x team is the orb-changer. Without a orb-changer, a 4x team is disabled. Still strong, but the explosive power is lacking.

List of Gods that is recommended you reroll for:

Roman Gods: none
Japanese Gods: Viper Orochi, Amaterasu
Indian Gods: Shiva
Norse Gods: none of them, norse gods suck
Misc God: Green Odin
*Special Exception: Valkyrie (can only be found in the rare egg machine and is used for unique and powerful healer teams)

This is a very short list and your chances of getting one of these are microscopically small but this is the list if you want the best of the best of the best from the rare egg machine. Here are the rest that are acceptable to keep:

Roman Gods: Venus, Hades, Neptune
Japanese Gods: Yomi
Indian Gods: Parvati, Lakshimi, Vritia
Norse Gods: lol yeh rite
Misc God: Blue Odin
Very Hard to Farm Orb Changers: Berserker, Highlander
Commonly Farmed Non Gods (These you can eventually get them easily some other way later on without the rare egg machine but these are all classified as super useful and everyone will want to be friends with you for them):
Siren the Enchanter, Ancient Dragon Knight, Archangel, Alraune


Strategies for getting lots of combos when matching gems?

Where to farm evo materials?

Where to start building and catching better monsters?


  1. Please keep these tips coming! Very useful.

    Where can I farm to get a Siren?

    1. Nice review there I also got Siren during the rare slot machine tutorial. Just lucky pick lol

    2. I got one from Sea Cave Mercury > Voice of Siren. Don't know how much is her droprate, but i got her from my first run.

  2. Great guide thank you keep it going

  3. Oh do you have wikia or monster book of this game. I would love to see it to guide me in the game.

  4. My Japanese friend told me an amazing app.
    The name of app is 'Big Combo', here is the link
    Also you can search in apple store or Android market.
    I think it is strongly useful for beginner. I used this for Zeus though.
    Hope to be useful for you.

  5. You said Norse gods are powerful and worth getting. Then in the two lists, you say they're junk. So which is it? Also, I got Vritia. Should I keep trying or settle?

  6. So many spelling and grammar errors. And it sounds like it was written by 2 people, there are way too many contradictions in this. Odin is a Norse god and he is AMAZING. The blue Odin isn't bad but the Green is the best. Shiva isn't that great unless you're going for the mask/dragon/dublit dungeons. All in all, this provides some description of the game vut was poorly written and if you think about it, all it did was give information I figured out in 10 minutes of playing. I gave little to no useful information. The Norse gods are actually really good and the so called "Roman gods" are bot roman at all but a mixture of Roman and Greek. Neptune and Hades are Roman but Zeus and Hermes are Greek. The greek form of Neptune and Hades are Poseidon and Pluto. The roman forms of Zeus and Hermes are Jupiter and Mercury. Apollo is Apollo in both Roman and Greek. Ares is greek and is called Mars in Roman. Minerva is the Roman form of Athena. The Egyption gods are beyond amazing. But were left out. Horus, Isis, and Ra all give massive attack boosts. Ranging from 3-5 times attack for all allies. This was written by someone who has no background knowledge in Mythology.