Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Buy a Google Nexus 7 From The Philippines?

You're living here in the Philippines.

You just heard that good old G has a new spiffy tablet.  

The first tablet from Google. Thin, light, and designed for Google Play.

You just gotta have that tablet. 

So you try to pre-order the Google Nexus 7...

You click on the Pre-order now button.

Only for Google Play's webpage to inform you that the Nexus 7 device is not yet available in your country :(


But wait, don't be sad.

Your gadget lust will still be sated.

FRS shop+ship comes to the rescue (note: this is not a paid advertisement).

Their cardless shopping service allows you to choose any item you want to purchase online, copy the URL and paste it on the given form and then they will order the item for you!

Problem solved!

You can use this URL (thanks to nbanews!) -> http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/878214-REG/ASUS_NEXUS7_ASUS_1B16_Nexus_7_Tablet.html

Happy shopping!

Have a question about Jelly Bean or the Nexus 7? Ask them here!

Edit: Here's the purchase order that FRS sent me immediately after I filled up their form:

 Note that the $ to Php rate will be adjusted on date of pick-up.


  1. How much did you end up paying for the unit with the additional fees? I'm interested in doing the same!

  2. Hi Allison,

    I posted the purchase order that FRS sent me for the Google Nexus 7. Do note that the computed total fees does not include yet the handling and shipping charges. It would be best to contact them directly on their site for your further inquiries.

    Hope that helps :)

  3. bro try using bhphotovideo.com, wala silang sales tax and they offer free shipping.

  4. thanks nbanews, the staples link i suggested earlier is no longer valid and this one from bhphotovideo.com indeed is a better alternative :)