Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christmas is Everyday

Today my mother showed me a very old letter addressed to my father, written 33 years ago by our grandfather whom we affectionately call Tatay. It was a very touching letter wherein my grandfather tells my father how fortunate he is in so many ways. I am posting the letter below:

Dear Son,

You are a very fortunate man in more ways than one.

I have been wanting to write to you just to tell you this fact which , i am sure, you already know.

Yes, it is true that, like every person on earth, you have to struggle and work for what you want and desire in life - your dreams and aspirations. But, then, they come your way without much heartaches - nor are you assailed with despair - before realizing most of them.

You graduated from high school with honors; and you graduated from college and passed the Board exam. Yet, I seldom saw you burn the midnight oil - you didn't have to cram like other students for you are gifted with hands that can draw and an intelligent mind.

In your profession, your advance is fast for one so young. You will eventually realize your dream house for you already own your lot.

I am now head of an office (rather 2 offices - Safety Office and Licensing Office) and we are now constructing our dream house. But it took me almost 30 years of my life to reach the top of my career and to realize a few of my dreams.

Most of all you are very fortunate in the woman you have chosen as your wife. A very considerate daughter-in-law should be an excellent wife.

I say this not because she lent us the P10,000 we badly needed, but because of the circumstances that lead to that act of generosity.

Your nanay and I didn't ask for her help - she volunteered her help without our asking her! If she didn't do so, I would not have had the courage to borrow from her the money we need for the house and the construction of our house would have been stopped.

I also find your father-in-law a very good and highly principled man. He is a conscientious civic leader and his principles in life are purely masonic. Need I say more to show my high esteem for him?

You are fortunate in having a fine and healthy son whom I hope will grow up like his father and inherit the good traits of his mother and grandfather.

Christmas is just around the corner - but, in your case, Christmas is everyday. Never forget to thank our Father in Heaven for all the blessings He bestows upon you.

Love from

My father is fortunate indeed and we're very fortunate as well to have a father like him. We're also fortunate to have a grandfather who took time to write his son a heartfelt and touching letter. Ah, if only I could write half as well and as eloquently as our grandfather...

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