Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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iPhone Design History

 The iPad 3 Will Be Better Than Having a 42-Inch HDTV In Your Hand
The iPad 3 is going to have an amazingly sharp screen. Like the iPhone 4S, users won’t be able to see the individual pixels of the iPad 3’s retina display because all 3,145,728 pixels will be densely packed together at 264 pixels-per-inch.
 The Next iPad. Summarizing Everything
What immediately comes to mind is that Apple will add this year’s hardware. It will be a major hardware upgrade to start with. Having said that, this major overhaul is only going to be on the iPad’s logic board, the casing will in probability remain the same. Purely going by the trends, the second ‘update’ to an iOS device has always involved bringing stability to the device, remember iPhone 3GS? It looked the same as 3G but was a completely different device on performance, the next generation iPad might also follow the same trend and add internal hardware changes than the superficial looks. Then there is a possibility that the iPad might just have a Retina Display this time. It is highly likely this year but if you’d have said the same for iPad 2 last year I would have been skeptical. It really wasn’t feasible to fit a display of that quality in a 499 dollar price limit. Come 2012 and the situation is different, the displays industry has overcome the price hurdle, it seems. So Retina is very much on my list of the new iPad. A good camera is obviously a good idea, Apple’s iPhone 4S had done some good stuff with the optics, i find no reason why they won’t want the same technology to come their next most sold gadget. A similar looking iPad with a better display, camera and screen would be my pick for the 3rd generation iPad.

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