Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Around The Web 2/11/2012

Temple Run Hits 36 Million Downloads
We're fans of huge numbers, if you didn't know. Last week, actually, we shared news of Jetpack Joyride's latest downloads. Since going free, the title has wrangled in around 13 million consumers. That's a lot, right? Check this, though: Imangi's Temple Run [Free] just hit 36 million downloads. That's more downloads than there are people in Canada, or uh, roughly 35.9 million more blocks than my Church of Brad has in our Minecraft server.

Five Days of Pure Unadulterated Gaming App Hotness
Balls were kicked. Knights were wound. Towers were defended. Passwords were hacked, and the dead rose to detect among the living in another spectacular Week in Gaming Apps.

iOS passes Mac OS in Share of Web Traffic
The data shows that the web market shares of iOS and OS X have been converging steadily since August. iOS has been posting regular gains, and has experienced an overall growth of nearly 50%, whereas OS X has seen its market share decline by 25% since a high point in September. February marks the first point where a reversal in position can be seen in the respective operating systems. iOS passes Mac OS with 8.15% of all web traffic, whereas Mac OS only sees 7.96%. 

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