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Battle Nations Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Battle Nations is an all-new action/strategy game that lets you take command of the elite Imperial Army as you expand and secure the empire. Gameplay includes gathering precious resources, building a thriving nation to power your machine of war, and training your troops to attack the rebel forces for dominance of the land.

Game Impressions

+Incredible graphics, best for a game of this type yet, so many great animations on your buildings, not a stagnant town like Crime City. In fact I think this is the best graphics in an iPhone strategy game
+Like Crime City, you build out your area graphically, but you have to manage housing, food, resource harvesting and much more
+Amazing campaign for a game of this type, great characters/back story/humor for quests
+Best combat in a resource management game yet, tactical turn based battle against other players

Now no one will confuse the combat portion for say, X-Com or Jagged Alliance, but it is way way ahead of games like Crime City where robbing someone's restaurant is just double tap on the building and wait for computer to calculate the result based on attack/defense stats.

I really really really would love to see resource management games spend more time on combat. There is no reason why this type of games can't have a real combat system and this is the best one yet! Allowing the players to do more things like take cover, move their units on battle field would add a lot more depth.

-Slow progression, may be too slow as most games of this type allows you to get to level 10 or so very very quickly, not so here, took me two days to get to level 7
-May be a little too complex (stone quarry) in the beginning, once you get used to it, it is amazing
-Combat system is good for a resource management game, but could give players more tactical choices like being able to move/cover their units. I would really like skill to play a bigger part in this, where a skilled player can beat a 100% army with a 90% army if he is really good at micro management
-Better UI refinements. It is really tedious to heal your units in hospital for example. I have four grunts that takes 2 minute each to heal, would be nice if I can heal the whole stack and come back later instead of one at a time. {via hitmanb}

 Tips and Tricks

-To maximize growth, you should aim for the closest stone quarries to the right and to the left; do not worry about the woods, one is all you really need and you start with one in your zone, and will be able to make use of it by level 9; start aiming for iron at around level 8, the iron mine unlocks at level 10, if you already headed for the stone at the left, you should have a grand total of 3 iron mines in or close to your zones. You gain 1 expand per level before 10, and 2 expand per level after 10, plan your expansion ahead of time.

-Crops are great and easy way to get xp, but farming only for crops messes with your demand and lower the efficiency of your farms (or other crops production building). From playing around with the available production buildings, I’ve find “meat” to be a pretty good supplement, I’m currently running 2:1 worker ratio of crops to meat, and meat have yet to run out of demand (ever) with my 12h cycles; Tool shop on the other hand, gives very little xp, so only keep one for the quests and maybe two for the quest chain at level 13-14; Brewery has been very disappointing, for some reason its demand drops when I plant crops, other then that it works fine. I do not have a green house, so can’t comment on that.

-About to lose your sharpshooter? Just click on the white flag, 400 iron is A LOT in early game. -Population is the biggest limit to your growth. You are only given so many population and they are never enough. From here on all the tips and tricks are related to population management:

-Placing more cart to your mines doesn’t make them mine you more resources, aim for 100% efficiency (or above 90, if you like to micro mange your population to maximize their effect).

-Spend some time on “tapjoy” to get free nanopods, I no longer have the link but a quick google search on your part should work fine. Your main goal is 105 nano, (which isn’t hard using tapjoy, or u can just buy it, whatever works for you) and buy an underground warehouse. I have to admit, warehouse in this game is definitely made to give non-nano players an disadvantage. 8 worker to get only 500 warehouse spot? Get out of here. 105 nano for 4 works to get 2000 warehouse spot, that’s 8 times the effect of an warehouse! Imagine all those population that could go to your production building, all those xp lost for what?

-Now, there has been suggestion that BN should add the function to allocate workers around, I agree, but sadly, we do not have that right now. What I did to deal with this is simple. those ideal barracks? Sell them, they are eating up 5 population for no reason, especially if you are an builder like me. What about those ideal stone quarries? If you followed my tips, you should have 3 under your control by level 12, you should be filling up your warehouse every night, luckily stone quarries cost close to nothing to build, so I just sell them whenever I need the extra population.

-I’ve seen people who put up the “don’t attack me flag” yet have a bunch of pillbox, like, are you serious? Don’t waste your population like that.

-Build farms instead of other higher production building when it comes to temporary population, these you can just sell back when you need populations, I always keep about 5-6 floating workers to fill a new building or get me some extra xp instead of being ideal.{via Crazy4Sand}


Electro Trooper

Experimental troops not yet deployed in battle, the Electro Troopers are already notorious for their potential for mayhem. Early weapon tests had a roughly 50/50 chance of damaging the Electro Trooper instead of their target. High Command is proud to announce that this has been dramatically improved, to more of a 70/30 chance. More importantly, they’ve modified the Electro Troopers’ XW52 Experimental Shock Rifle such that it can be aimed and fired effectively even while the bearer’s muscles are tensed from the electric current coursing through their body.

Who are these Electro Troopers? What drives a man to volunteer for an assignment with such a great potential for self harm? There’s no single answer. Some are troubled soldiers, the Electro Trooper squad is their last chance to make it, or wash out of the military completely. Others are brave, self-sacrificing men, willing to endure great pain and likely sterility in order to advance the state of the art in warfare. Most of them just want to melt someone’s face off.

Unique among ground troops, Electro Troopers can actually short out the electrical systems of most vehicles, incapacitating them for short periods of time. With this ability, Electro Troopers radically change the balance of power on the battlefield.


Only the most skilled Sharpshooters survive long enough to become full-fledged Snipers. Usually working alone, a single dug-in Sniper can dish out incredible damage to unsuspecting enemies.
Snipers take their time when engaging enemies, as every shot they take risks compromising their location. To help avoid detection Snipers wear camouflaged Ghillie Suits that allow them to fire their heavily modified .50 caliber M40 rifles while blending into their surroundings.

Flame Trooper

Many Imperial children are fascinated by fire. Most grow out of it over the years, but for a few, setting things on fire remains a lifelong obsession. Recognizing an opportunity, High Command imposed strict regulations on recreational fire use, while at the same time creating the Imperial Flame Trooper training program. The plan worked. Without any other outlet – and with the lure of a privileged status within the army – dozens of young men and women volunteer every year.

Flame Troopers strap large tanks of highly pressurized napalm to their backs, capable of spraying a fan of sticky, flaming death over 50 feet. Post battle reports conclude that being on the business end of a Flame Trooper charge is a truly sphincter-loosening experience. These pressurized tanks are also capable of exploding at the slightest impact – shrapnel, bullet ricochets, sitting down too heavily, etc. The tendency of Imperial Flame Troopers to explode is cause for consternation among the other troops in the front ranks. As such, it has become customary to give Flame Troopers a friendly wave, rather than the more common handshake or ‘bro hug’.

The recognition that their lives will probably end abruptly engenders Flame Troopers with an air of fatalism. They party hard, and have a culture of staying drunk, and playing pranks.


Troopers that survive their first deployment receive a 2-hour crash-course in marksmanship and are immediately promoted to Sharpshooters. Deployed behind front-line units, Sharpshooters can turn the tide of a battle with their ability to take long-range shots at smug, high-value targets hiding in the back of enemy formations.

Imperial Sharpshooters are issued the M9 Designated Marksman Rifle, a bolt-action rifle in service since Emperor Conrad’s border wars a generation ago. A recent study conducted by the Office of Imperial Statistics found that at a distance of 20 feet Sharpshooters were 37% more likely to hit the broad side of a barn than Troopers, due in large part to the Sharpshooters’ tendency to actually aim before pulling the trigger.
Particularly hated by enemy officers, Sharpshooters have a short life expectancy – which gave rise to their motto, “At least we’re not Troopers.”


Troopers compose the bulk of the Imperial Army’s front-line forces. Operating under the motto of “First in, Rarely Return”, what these fresh recruits lack in experience and survivability, they make up for with a complete lack of independent thinking, and near-fanatical devotion to the Emperor. Their ability to stop bullets before they hit more important units is also a plus.

Despite the Empire’s recent advancements in weaponry, Troopers are issued the venerable M-11 Battle Rifle. Although critics point to its low rate of fire, Troopers love the M-11 because of its rugged reliability, and because its semi-automatic fire is more accurate at long range than rifles with burst and automatic modes.

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