Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snoopy Fair FAQs, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Help Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the entire PEANUTS gang build and organize a street fair!

In this taptastic adventure you’ll decorate Charlie Brown’s neighborhood and fill it with a wealth of wonderful stalls and attractions. Recruit your favorite PEANUTS characters including Sally, Linus and Lucy, just to name a few.

While the rest of the gang is busy with the fair, Snoopy brings his own brand of mischief to the game. Depending on Snoopy’s costume he’ll pounce on piles of leaves, help redesign stalls dressed as Artist Snoopy or, in the case of his Beagle Scout costume, collect marshmallows with his beagle scout troop in tow. Each costume will also unlock a themed minigame including a lemonade making game, a color mixing game and a marshmallow roasting game.

- 21 PEANUTS characters
- 3 mini-games to unlock
- 27 Trading cards to collect
- 45 Original PEANUTS cartoon strips to collect
- A plethora of much loved icons from the PEANUTS universe to interact with (the dog house, the mailbox, the kite-eating tree and many more)
- Social features including the ability to visit friends’ fairs and interact with them
- Take Snoopy Snaps of your friends as they pose in classic PEANUTS scenes.
- Faithful to Charles M. Schulz’s artwork and featuring the classic music and official voice talent

Tips and Tricks {via multimage of toucharcade}
  1. The paywall shows its ugly face after about 3 minutes of play. You need about 1000 Snoopy Dollars to buy everything in the game, maybe even more. I got 8 so far, and I'm now getting them at a slower pace than at the beginning. I'm guessing 2-4 Snoopy Dollars per day now. That's not a lot considering that the Linus Stand is 30 Snoopy Dollars. And this is just ONE stand. Which brings me to the next problem.
  2. The Snoopy Dollars cost way too much. So you need 30 Snoopy Dollars for that Linus Stand. OK, how about buying 50 Snoopy Dollars from an IAP for 5$?! 5 hard earned dollars for 50 Snoopy Dollars! And this is the minimum! There are no IAP at 1$, nope. It starts at 5$, and this is the only way to get those dollars fast.
  3. The most popular members of the Peanuts crew all cost Snoopy Dollars except Sally and Rerun. So you want Linus? 30 Snoopy Dollars. Lucy's Psychiatric Stand? 30 Snoopy Dollars. Woodstock? 75 Snoopy Dollars! Seventy-five Snoopy Dollars, or 7.50$! And there's like 20 of those stands, not mentionning all the objects like flowers, benches, pool, and even the minigames!

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