Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to fix Error 3200 + How to upgrade to iOS 5 without issues

How to fix Error 3200

STEP 1: After downloading and installing iTunes 10.5. Run iTunes for 10 minutes then close it.
STEP 2: Navigate to the following folder:
Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
STEP 3: Now cut and paste the files there to a folder on your desktop. (WARNING: Don’t delete them, just cut and paste)
STEP 4: Put your iPhone into DFU Mode.
STEP 5: Finally, open iTunes and go with iOS 5 restore procedure.

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How to upgrade to iOS5 without issues
Looks like lot of people are having iOS5 update issues, some are complaining about Error 3200 during update and some are saying Apps/Data is not restored after update, This instructions below I used, if followed should solve both the issues:
  • Make sure you have iTunes 10.5 installed on your computer
  • Connect iOS device via USB
  • Sync your device to backup all apps and data.
  • In iTunes, select your device and click “Check for updates”
  • Select, Download and Install
  • (If you get Error 3200, restart your computer and update again)
  • When device is restarting or after restarting wait patiently and do not try to mess with your iOS device
  • iTunes will have a popup “Restoring Apps…”, the device will NOT say syncing in progress, so DONT play with the device until the Apps restore is done, it will probably take over an hour.
  • After ITunes popup “Restoring Apps…” is gone, it will start a sync with a sync icon spinning in iOS device top bar, wait until this completes
  • Now unlock the iOS device and go through the setup process prompts to complete location, iCloud, Find my Phone,… setups.
  • You are DONE.
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