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Infinity Blade Game Guide, Treasure Locations,Tips and Tricks

How to get stat points fast:

1. Save up money, about 50k+ coins
2. Buy every cheap weapon, armor, helmet, ring, shield etc.
3. Restart to bloodline 1 while keeping all your gear.
4. Equip all your cheap gear that you haven't mastered yet.
5. Since your enemies will be level 1 or so, you can beat them with your weak weapons
6. Once you master that low ranked gear then you'll get a stat point that you can use to upgrade.
7. Upgrade and then equip new unmastered gear and repeat this cycle on bloodline 2 (or 1 if you beat Godking)

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There are 3 types of combos, 3, 4, and 5 hit combos. They are labeled huge, mega and super. the combinations for these are relative, meaning they can be performed starting from any side, right, left, up or down. For example a 3 hit combo can be up-down-up, or the same one mirrored down-up-down, or starting from right or left: right-left-right or left-right-left. The same goes for 4 and 5 hit combos so I'll only give the combination starting from up, but you can start anywhere and adjust your combination.
4-hit combo: up-up-down-down
5-hit combo: up-down-left-right-up

If you perform all 3 combos in one fight, you will get an achievement.


As far as blocking, dodging and parrying goes, here is what I think so far:
The difficulty goes up from blocking to dodging to parrying.
blocking is the easiest, but you have a limited number of blocks depending on your shield strength.
Dodging should usually be done in the opposite direction of the strike when blocking horizontal strokes. With vertical strokes it seems to work in both directions.
When parrying you should also parry in the direction where the stroke comes from, but you have more directions to cover and the timing is more critical. Off hand and shield attacks seem to be impossible to parry.

Choosing a more difficult defense will leave the opponent vulnerable for a longer time which gives you more time for your counter and opens up more "stab" opportunities (when for a short moment you see a circle around some body part of your enemy which you click). Stabbing gives you an even longer opening for your counter attack.
After defending the last attack of an attack series or interrupting a series by stabbing, depending on your enemy's attack and your defense, you can fit in a 3, 4 or 5 hit combo.

Special Attack:

After you use your special attack (the one that charges when dealing or taking damage), you can fit in a long combo.
The fight is interrupted twice when your enemy goes below a certain amount of hitpoints. If you want to use the full potential of your special attack, make sure not to use it right before reaching one of these interruptions, otherwise your nice 5 hit combo will be interrupted by a short cutscene.
Your special attack also interrupts your opponent's current attack series, so if you missed a defense and he is hitting you with one strike after the other, you can quickly use your special attack to interrupt him and avoid further damage.


Magic attacks can deal huge amounts of damage. Make sure to stick to damage types that your opponent has no immunity against. The healing spell is also extremely useful.

Items and opponent's stats:

The meaning of the symbols for health, fire, ice and poison was already explained, they give you the damage and immunity stats of your items and opponents opponents. It helps a lot to equip defensive equipment with protection against your opponent's damage type and weapons and rings with damage that he is unprotected against.

For levelling so far I simply choose the items in their order in the shop. Eventually you want to master them all anyway and this way there is no problem with opponents becoming too strong (so far at least).

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Treasure Locations

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  1. Awesome thanks, I've leveled to 35 twice and beaten the god king several times, and had still never figured out the 5 point combo.

    Very right about the three different types of defensive moves and their different difficulty levels. Overall I've found dodging to be the most reliable, although offhand and shield attacks can be neither dodged nor parried (as you mentioned) and must be blocked. Just for a challenge, though, I've been trying to play while parrying as much as possible. Some enemies are definitely easier to parry than others (slower swings, more obvious tells).

    Another thing about parries: It usually takes 3 or 4 successful, consecutive defensive moves for a break to occur. They don't all have to be the same type of defensive move, and only your last move determines what type of break it's going to be. So if you're not crazy about parrying (it's a painful skill to learn) but you still want the longer parry breaks, try dodging or blocking twice before you parry to make it a little easier.

    For beating the god king, it's all about dodging. He swings too fast to parry most of the time and he quickly breaks through your shield. Learn to dance, one dodge right after the other as fast as the controls let you. Having a healing ring helps a lot too since he's almost immune to offensive magic anyway. And don't panic. :)

  2. Beat the God King at level 19. I used level 3 Fire to knock his hit points way down, then used the Poison blade to finish him off.

  3. Beat God King at level 16.
    Using dogging all the time to wait for chances.
    My attack points about 40 and magic about 25.
    Then you can use Healing level 2 twice during battle to recover your strength.

    If you can hit combo the God King should be finish after 8-9 chances of attack.

  4. beat God King at 15 with an achievement for beating him with the weakest weapon.... cool stuff

    Now I mastered all gear at lvl 39 nothing else to do but kill and get money....I hope the update is out soon, this game shows all developers that you can make super games in 3d on the idevices (ipad preferable)

  5. Wohoo! The first of a planned series of updates to sword-fighting game Infinity Blade is scheduled for release next week!

    Five new weapons, shields, and helmets will be introduced, as well as a new armour set. The level cap will be raised to 45, which is necessary to account for a new enemy.

  6. when monster attacks with special ability, a circle shows up. click on that at the right time to stab. does lots of damage.

    God King's level goes up by 50 each time you kill him.

  7. Yeah I can't beat him for the life of me now. He is level 150 and I'm level 31. I notice every now and then the controls become mostly unresponsive after playing for around an hour and I have found some pretty frustrating but funny bugs. One bug I was killing the assassin that guards the chest and I killed him but he hit me with a poison strike that killed me right after, so the game just progressed without the character on screen. Had to restarted the game to fix it. Good game overall though, just wish they let us free explore like in epic citadel.

  8. @The person above me - Exactly what happened to me, he gets me with the poison, then I die but I also have victory...annoying.

  9. Beat god-king at bloodline 1. no achievements or goodies from doing this though..

    For the curious, here's how: kill enemies until you get to the 2nd to the last enemy then let yourself get killed by him. choose the save and restart bloodline then do it again around 3 times. god-king will be easy enough to kill by then.

    OR: go straight to god-king, if you get killed, turn off the app (stop it from running in the background also). When you run the game again you'll start right before you battle god-king. hehe

  10. How about the alternate ending? Anyone tried?

    you get an achievement

  11. sure, the alternative ending is boring... just nothing, i tried it one time and that's it.

    i'm in level 40 and the god king in level 450 in blood line 19- unbeatable.

    enjoy the game.


  12. Just beat god king at level 23, very tough. Also beat the three gods and now in process f beating final boss for 2nd time.

    dragon slayer and shield best for final boss as vulnerable against fire. Dragon ring also useful.

    God king, dragon shield best . use dragon ring but use the heal rather than fire as immune to any magic.

  13. im level 29 beat the god king everytime on every lvl have 4200 hp 30 attack 58 defense and 79 magic im saving up for the infinity blade cuz then i got high everything its a good way to play btw.

  14. yay im lvl 60 now beat the new last boss in the basement and chose to restart to blodline 1 whit no gear but i keep all my stats and lvls :D kinda annyoing to have to grind all my gear up aigen but you get a couple of new pieces :D

  15. When you get gear , do you focus on exp+, lifedrop+, gold+, or other types of bonuses? I am focusing on gold+(++, etc ) right now.

  16. ALSO theres like a glitch u can use: beat the antepenultimate warrior that comes down from an elevator the u have option to go downstairs and then you retun and you will be able to fight a a knight and get upstairs and again you will have to fight the same warrior (the one that comes down from the elevator) and you can repeat the process unlimited times so you can have more xp, gold and be stronger and when you feel prepared u can go for the godking, also if you do too many times that process xp and gold you win will be reducing with every time yo do process again.I wish you find this info helpful, i apologize for my inglish im not american.Greetings

  17. i have a problem with the game. i'm playing on a iphone 5 with ios 7 on it and i can only play with only half of my screen. it is a bug and the right half of the screen does not respond to my gestures! it is so annoying. if anyone knows how to get rid of this bug please let me know. i have tried everything from reinstalling the game to restart the device!